Prayer points from RCCG June 2020 Holy Ghost Service – #LetThereBeLight6

1. Praise the Almighty God for it has pleased Him to let this message come unto you.

2. Father, if there is anything blocking my way, please reveal to me tonight and help me restitute my ways.

3. Father, anything standing between me and my financial breakthrough, send Your light so I may know it and deal with it.

4. Father, send Your light so that whatever I have to do to turn the tide in my favour for all-round breakthrough, will be revealed to me.

5. Father, please teach me to pray the right prayers tonight.

6. Father, please turn me into a blessing to the whole world, to my generation and even generations yet unborn.

7. Father, shine Your light on me. Point me out to the one who will help me fulfill my destiny.

8. Individual request

9. Pray for the whole world, that the Almighty God will stop this plague.

10. Pray for Pastor E.A. Adeboye


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