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The Wonders of The New Creation by Pastor E.A. Adeboye (Summary of Day One message) > 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress

Congress 2012 – Signs and Wonders

Day 1 – Report


Message by Pastor E. A. Adeboye



Notable Miracles.  On Sunday, December 9th 2012 at Redemption Camp, while Daddy GO was reviewing the music presentation with the Choir, he prayed and a lame man touched where Daddy was standing and he received his healing immediately.  The whole Choir group erupted with shout of joy, praises to the Almighty God.  It was the beginning of things to come this week at Redemption Camp.


Highlight of Daddy Messages – The Wonders of The New Creation

  •   It doesn’t matter how terrible your past records has been the moment you give your life to Jesus Christ, your old records are wiped off and you are given a new one 1 john 1 v 7
  •  The moment you become a new creature the original plan of God for your life begins to unfold.
  •  You will have dominion; you are no longer someone who runs from demons.
  •   Your minds set will change
  •  Your ambition will change, it will be altered Collosians3 v 3
  •    Purity becomes very, very attractive to you.
  • . You begin to pursue perfection


PRAYER POINTS from DAY ONE: 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress: Signs and Wonders


1. PRAISE God that you are still alive tonight
2. Father whatever is standing between me and the wonder of the new creation, reveal it to me tonight.
3. Father, restore to me everything that I have lost; either through disobedience, carelessness or outright sin. The things I used to have, restore to me fully tonight
4. Even before tomorrow morning, let there be evidence of the wonders of the new creature in my life.
5. Father from now; let my dominion be fully established.
6. Personal Prayers

2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress: Signs and Wonders – 10th – 15th December

2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress: Signs and Wonders

Theme: Signs and Wonders

Date: 10th – 15th December 2012

VENUE: REDEMPTION CAMP, KM 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.

MINISTERING: Pastor E.A. Adeboye and other anointed men of God.


RCCG December Covenant Partners Prayer Points : DECEMBER 2012 PRAYER GUIDE

The Redeemed Christian Church of God





‘Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us’ (Rom 8:37, NKJV)

Globally and Nationally, Year 2012 has been quite challenging. Sounds and songs of wars and destructions become a monster, before which several millions have lost hope of a better tomorrow.


However, looking inward, we cannot deny the faithfulness of our Father in Heaven, in protecting, guiding and keeping His own people with all their needs met. Throughout these hard times, we have seen several prophecies fulfilled with detailed accuracy and, it is needless to mention several prayers that have been answered in several areas of our lives.


Hence, we are encouraged to praise God and pray more for His awesome intervention, even now, as we are entering into the season of Signs and Wonders. You are welcome aboard and, as you are faithful in fulfilling your covenant to intercede for the Mission and Nigeria, may God Almighty bless you and grant your own personal and family requests, in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.


WEEK ONE: Dec 1st – Dec 9th

Holy Ghost Congress

1.      Thank God for all the past Holy Ghost Congresses Ps. 127:1-3

2.      Thank God for all the unusual miracles God will release this time around. Deut. 11:3 ; Jn.6:2

3.      Ask for mercy on behalf of the participants and every member of RCCG

4.      Pray that God will remember the barren and those suffering from secondary infertility in this program. 1Sam. 1:16-20.

5.      Plead the Blood of Jesus to frustrate every programmed evil accident and traffic jam on Lagos – Ibadan express way on every roads of Nigeria that week.

6.      Pray that God will anoint and use Daddy G.O, like never before, during this Congress.

7.      Pray that God will anoint all the officiating ministers for the manifestation of signs and wonders in lives of all destined participants.

8.      Pray that none shall go back home empty handed from this Congress.

9.      Pray that, as people travel all over the world to attend the Congress, they be granted journey mercies.


Let’s Go-A-Fishing

1.      Praise God for the reality of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ to save the world.

2.      Thank God for using this program to populate His kingdom. Acts. 2:37-47.

3.      Pray for more strength for Daddy G O and all the Pastors, Ministers and workers, that God will use them mightily this December Let’s Go Fishing. Deut.33:25; Josh.14:11; 1Chron.29:12; Josh. 14:9.

4.      Ask for divine visitation during this December Let’s Go Fishing all over the world. Ps.111:9; Ps.113:9-10; Jer.20:113; Gen.49:25.

5.      Pray for the purpose of God to be established in the life of God’s children in this program.Eccl.8:6; Rom.9:1; Eph.1:11.

6.      Ask God to deliver every captive of the mighty.Isa.49:24-26.

7.      Pray for full restoration in this December programPs.126:1-6.

8.      Commit the Engineering department, Choir, Ushering, Prayer Warriors and other workers in the church into the hands of God for the success of this program.

9.      Pray against the kidnappers, ritual killers and armed robbers. Ps.124:6 Prov. 15:30.

10.  Pray for your Province, Pastors, Ministers, Workers and yourself

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