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UNSTOPPABLE GENERATION by Pastor E. A. Adeboye (Transcribed Text of October 2012 Holy Ghost Service)

UNSTOPPABLE GENERATION by Pastor E. A. Adeboye (Transcribed Text of October 2012 Holy Ghost Service)


Romans 8 v 31 what shall we then say to these things; If God be for us who can be against us.

When God is on your side, nobody can stop you; sickness cannot stop you, poverty cannot stop you, because Exodus 15 V 26 the great physician Himself said I am the Lord that heals you.


You cannot have God as your doctor and be stuck by sickness. Because If God be for us according to what one of my boys have already spoken; it means the word from the beginning, John 1 v 1 the one who made you John 1 v 3 can repair any part of your body.


Sickness cannot stop you.  And as I have always pointed out; not only can he repair what is wrong with you, He can give you spare part John 9 v 1-7 so if you are sick and the enemy has been telling you this sickness is going to stop you, tell the enemy he is a liar.  Sickness cannot stop you because God is on your side.


The Bible says in 1 Peter 2 v 24 He said by His stripes we were heal, Matthew 8 v 1 – 3 tells us that He can cure the incurable. A leper came to Him, in those days leprosy was an incurable disease but just one touch from the great physician the leper became cleanse.


In Mark 2 v 1 -12 they brought to him a man who was paralyzed from neck downward; just one word from the great physician and he was healed.


When I was preparing my little note for this sermon, I remembered an incident that happened when I was in Ilorin several years ago. There was this brilliant young lawyer, the whole thing started as a joke; he thought it was an ordinary headache but gradually he discovered that he couldn’t use his hands.

After some time he couldn’t use his legs, after some time the only place that remains alive in his body was his head, and everybody was saying they are just waiting for the head to die and they will bury him.

But Jesus took control and what the doctor said we just couldn’t know what to do, they don’t even know where to put injection because every where was dead. The great Physician touched him and healed him.

Whatever it is that is in your system that the enemy has planted there to slow you down or to stop shall be uprooted tonight in Jesus name.


Am sure you many of you will remember the story of one of my sons and I think his brother even shared the testimony sometimes. In 1983, the doctors told the parent in London; you want your boy to see his home country again? They said yes, they said take him home now because he has less than two weeks to live. They brought him, then somebody said take him to the pastors, he will be prayed for and he will be healed. When I saw him; even my faith was shaken. He had cancer of the jaw bone, his head has  become so  swollen that it has block the passage that go down the throat into the belly, it took him one hour to drink a bottle of Fanta because there was no way for the liquid to go down. When I saw him, I knew only God can do this one, that was in 1983. The one they said have two weeks to live is still alive today.

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RCCG Youth Convention 2012: UNSTOPPABLE GENERATION by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

The summary of Pastor E.A. Adeboye’s message at the RCCG Youth Convention 2012 (Holy Ghost Service) » “The Unstoppable Generation”


Romans 8:31 “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”


-If God be for you, sickness cannot stop you!

According to John 1:3 the One who made you can repair anything and any part of your body. God is the great physician so if you’re sick and the devil is trying to use that make you unstoppable, a word from the Great physician will get you healed John 9:1-7 1Peter 2:24, Matthew 8:1-3, Mark 2:1-12.


“Whatever the devil has planted in you to slow you down shall be uprooted in Jesus name”   AMEN!



-If God be for you, demons cannot stop you!

Psalm 24:7-10, Phil 2:9-10, Mark 5:1-15

God is the Lord of hosts! Demons cannot make you unstoppable you because God is the commander in chief of all host i.e angels and demons on earth, above the earth and beneath the earth. He has power over every demon.


”Every evil force that is trying to block your way shall be cleared out in Jesus name” AMEN!


-If God be for you, witches and wizards cannot stop you!

Witches, wizards and herbalist cannot make you unstoppable. Isaiah 54: 17 says no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.  Even if the witch doctors/herbalist gathers leaves and herbs to make charms against you, God will tell the leaves not to function. According to Numbers 23:23, with God on your side, no enchantment can be against you.


“Every Charms made to harm you will be ineffective in Jesus name”   AMEN!


-If God be for you, curses and evil covenant cannot stop you!

Curses and evil covenant cannot make you unstoppable. Numbers 23:8 makes it clear that if God doesn’t permit it, no curse can be effective in your life. Matthew 15:13; Isaiah 28:15-18   God will disannul every negative covenant.


“Every evil covenant made on your behalf is destroyed in Jesus name.” AMEN!



-If God be for you, the devil cannot stop you!

Even the devil cannot make you unstoppable if God is on your side. Rev 12:11 says we overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb. There is a power in the blood of Jesus the devil cannot tamper with. In Job 1:8-12, devil had to take permission from God to touch Job. The devil knows his limits and takes final instructions from God before he can do certain things.


Don’t have the mindset that God will give devil permission to turture you. If you read the bible well, you’ll realise Job was called a servant of God, you are a son! You can perform experiments with servants but not with sons, remember you are God’s child, the apple of His eyes!


John 15:16, If you are a soul winner, you are unstoppable because the devil cannot tamper with you.


“That blood of Jesus will speak for you in Jesus name” AMEN!


  • When asked “If God be for you who can be against you?” most Christians say ‘Nobody’.  If you read Romans 8:31, you’ll realise the Bible didn’t answer that question , ‘Nobody’  isn’t in that verse

-If  God be for you,  you’re are the only one that stop yourself !

If God be for you, you can be against yourself if you keep living in sin and refuse to obey Him completely!


Joshua 1:1-9, Joshua 7:1-26

In Joshua chapter 1 God had promised never to leave or forsake Joshua, he was promised victory over his enemies but by chapter 7, he experienced defeat because of sin.


If God is willing to be for you but you fail to learn from history, you’ll become stoppable!  Sin and self will stop you from becoming unstoppable.


The reason many people get into trouble is because the claim one part of the Bible and ignore other parts. Many Christians claim the promises but ignore the conditions!


You cannot be an unstoppable person if you keep mixing the word of God with yours!  If you don’t meet God’s conditions, His promises won’t come to pass in your life.



Make a new resolution to serve God 100%. If you are not ready to serve and obey Him 100% then follow the devil completely so he can treat you well on earth with some fame or wealth before suffering in hell.  Don’t put one leg in the church and the other in the world because that will only hinder prayers and make God turn his back on you Rev 3:15,16


If you restitute your ways, you’ll regain everything you’ve lost and become unstoppable. Make your ways right with God, if you’re a sinner/backslidder repent and come back to God today!   A word is enough for the wise!!!


1)   Praise God that you are even here tonight. Tonight is going to be a turning point for somebody here tonight.

2)  Father, give me the grace to stop being my own enemy because I know no one can stop me except I stop myself. Give me the grace to obey You completely

3)  Father, let Your Blood speak for me against all satanic hosts.

4)  Father, let Your stripes avail for me against all diseases and aches and pains

5)  Father, neutralize all efforts of my adversaries tonight.

6)  Father, every obstacle in my way to success crush tonight.

7)  Father, take me to highest level possible regardless of every form of opposition

8)  Father, let me begin to enjoy joy unspeakable

9)  Personal Request


Prayer Points from Day 5 of RCCG Youth Convention 2012: “The Unstoppable Generation” By PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE

1)   Praise God that you are even here tonight. Tonight is going to be a turning point for somebody here tonight.

2)  Father, give me the grace to stop being my own enemy because I know no one can stop me except I stop myself. Give me the grace to obey You completely

3)  Father, let Your Blood speak for me against all satanic hosts.

4)  Father, let Your stripes avail for me against all diseases and aches and pains

5)  Father, neutralize all efforts of my adversaries tonight.

6)  Father, every obstacle in my way to success crush tonight.

7)  Father, take me to highest level possible regardless of every form of opposition

8)  Father, let me begin to enjoy joy unspeakable

9)  Personal Request

RCCG Youth Convention 2012: THE UNSTOPPABLE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE by Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye

This is a Summary of Mummy GO’s message from the ongoing RCCG Youth Convention 2012» “The Unstoppable Generation”



Gen 1:27-28, Ephesians 5: 21- 33

It is very important you don’t miss it when it comes to picking who to marry. If you marry wrongly, you can’t enjoy your life to the fullest.

Anything we call Christian is of Christ. So a Christian marriage starts with Christ. The basic foundation for a Christian marriage is for both the man and woman involved to be saved and redeemed! 

In a Christian marriage, there is no room for divorce or exchange of spouse, as a result one needs a firm foundation in Jesus to be able to withstand some pressures that may arise.

There is time for everything, when it is time for you to settle down, the Holy spirit Himself will minister to you. When have the urge to getting married, don’t just rush into it, wait upon the Lord for directions (Isaiah 40:31).  Don’t go after your desires and lust, in waiting, ask, seek and knock. Ask God to show you his will your life.


God’s will for your life could be revealed to you through dreams, visions, word of knowledge, word of God, deep convictions in the spirit. 

Ladies,  it is prohibited for you to go tell a man ‘You’re my husband’. Ladies never proposed to men in the Bible and anything outside the Bible isn’t the standard. It is all modern doctrine for a woman to go after the man, wait on God and He’ll bring the right person.

After waiting on God and He has shown you the revelation, don’t go to the person straight, go tell your pastor. That is RCCG doctrine! Tell your pastor so they can pray along and do some investigation about the person.

Also tell your parents about it! They also will pray and carry out any necessary background checks. In the midst of counsellors, you won’t go wrong! 

When your pastor and parents have confirmed it, the man and woman then need to come into agreement. You start courtship.

In courtship, you don’t meet up in secret places, be transparent! Protect yourself from evil, don’t give room to the devil. There have been many sad stories of Christian singles getting pregnant before marriage. Have your meetings in an open place, e.g your pastors house.


Get to know each other during courtship. If you enter into marriage with deceit, you’ll reap it later! Show your true colours to your partner!

If in courtship, you realise the marriage won’t work, it is better to call it off, get out of it before it is too late!  A broken courtship is much better than a broken marriage.


During courtship, you need to go for counselling. All RCCG churches do marriage counselling, don’t try to avoid it, it will help you and the experiences of older couples will come in handy after the wedding.


After courtship and counselling have been successful, proceed to the altar! 

The material benefits you get before marriage doesn’t determine how good the marriage will eventually be. The secret to many successful Christian marriage is contentment! 

Don’t take a loan for marriage! Cut your coat according to your size!

Prepare your mind! You don’t know who you dated in courtship  well enough until you start living together! 6years after the marriage  you will still be discovering new things about the person. 


Prayer is important even after the wedding as practical living is different from all the pre-martial/ honeymoon excitement!


After the wedding, women are to submit to their husbands! Even if you are older, still submit. Even when you don’t agree, submit first, be nice and put your suggestions forward in a nice and peaceful way!


As a woman, accept the leadership of your husband and respect him. If he can only afford ‘N20,000’ take it and use it wisely. You have to be able to manage resources very well! 


In a marriage, there will be a time of plenty and time of scarcity! Endure, be patient with each other and manage what you have together.

The husband is the leader and priest of the family. Show your wife love, use no abusive languages on her, respect her , tolerate her and love her as Christ loves the church.


To experience an unstoppable Christian marriage, don’t allow a third party get involved in your marriage. 


To experience an unstoppable Christian marriage, show each other what you expect in return. If you want peace in your marriage pursue peace, If you want laughter, laugh! Don’t frown at your spouse!If you want care in your marriage, care for your wife and she’ll shower you with care!If you give your wife 20% love, she’ll give you 120% love in return!



Apart from giving birth to children together, you are pray together, eat together, sleep together, suffer together, endure together, enjoy abundance together, train your children together, take care of your household together, take care of your parents and siblings together. Mark 3:25


A good christian home will bring you unstoppable joy, peace, good children, abundance and an open heaven!


To experience an unstoppable Christian marriage, start preparing for it now!  Pray about it, hand over every part of your life to God and He’ll make great plans for you!


There is a difference between enthusiasm and unruliness. As unstoppable youths we need to be enthusiastic but not unruly.

Out of all the instruments mentioned in the Bible for praising the whistle wasn’t mentioned! The whistle isn’t allowed in church, leave it for the football field!


MARRIAGE advice for the Ladies

It is better to remain single than to marry than to marry the wrong person! 

Marrying the wrong person is like living in hell on earth and divorce isn’t an option!

Don’t ever think you can marry somebody and change the fellow, if the person doesn’t change before you get married it is a settled case!

If you marry just because a guy is rich, tall and handsome but he not a true child of God, you are heading for trouble! Goliath was Tall, king Saul was lanky but he lost his crown. Don’t marry a fool.    

If a guy is following you to church just to get you , you will know!  some guys are in church just to deceive you but the Bible says by their fruits you’ll know them. Bible didn’t say by their words you’ll know them , some guys have sweet mouth! Don’t marry a sweet talking demon, watch their fruits!

If you marry someone who doesn’t believe in holiness, you are the one who dug your own grave yourself becuase you’ll only be wife NO 1, many others are likely follow!


Romans 8:31 The reason RCCG weds with the Bible instead of a ring is because the Bible can never change, the word of God stands forever but a ring can be removed at anytime!

Those who will reach the top must be peculiar! There is always room at the top but only few will get there.

Don’t marry a man who has no job! Before God gave Adam a wife, He gave him a job! If he says he is a contractor, ask him for evidence of his previous contracts because you might just be the contract he is on about!


MARRIAGE advice for the GENTs

Don’t marry a Delilah! Don’t marry for beauty . Proverbs 31:30 says beauty is vain.


Don’t ever marry outside the church and you have no reason to marry outside RCCG. The reason is that If you are both from the same church even when trouble comes it is easier for the pastors to handle it!


Don’t marry a girl simply because she can sing! In the choir there are some people that can sing but they are falling angels! Marry a prayer warrior! If a girl cannot pray for 1 hour, don’t marry her.


Don’t marry a girl who is lazy! Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook, she needs to know how to do cores and cook because you cannot afford to be eating out all the time.


Don’t marry a girl who is worldly! If you do, you have carried what you’ll worship for the rest of your life!


Advice on MUSIC.

Music is not music unless it is organised. It must have rhyme, rhythm and repetition. 

While the right kind of music keeps the devil away, the wrong music can invite demons. 


The number one reason why God chose David to be king was because he was a musician singing the right songs!

It is possible to have wonderful music, music that will refresh you and bring God down without making noise.  When the Bible talks about making a joyful noise to the Lord, it was talking about shouts of Halleluyah. 


In your gatherings, check the lyrics, rhyme and rhythms  of your songs you use in worshipping God. As much as  youths might not want to sing hymns all day, make sure the songs you sing are really glorifying God not just noise.


As youths, take evangelism seriously! Use your youthful strength for God and be proud to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ecclesiastes 12:1


It takes only a few people to cause a riot the universities, why can’t a few unstoppable youths get up and start a riot to the kingdom of darkness? 


RCCG is in many nations all over the world today because your parents worked hard in their youths. When the founder, Pa Akindayomi, died, RCCG was only in Nigeria and I was only 38 when the church was handed over to me. Other youths and I took evangelism seriously! We worked hard to bring the church to where it is now, today RCCG is in many nations of the world! IT IS YOUR TURN to take the church forward.


Joshua 1:1-9, Deuteronomy 34:9 We are to build on the foundation that has been laid for us by our fathers.  


The elders are the foundation, the youths are the flowers! It’s a dangerous thing to be a flower, people pluck flowers but hardly do people touch the roots!If you stay connected to your roots, you’ll not dry up.


The one who is UNSTOPPABLE is the one who wouldn’t allow sin to come in because our God is a Holy God!


If you will worship God with good music not just noise , if you’ll witness without compromising, if you will be different and ready to stand out for Christ, if you are willing to pray with ceasing then you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE.

Prayer Points Day 4 of RCCG Youth Convention 2012 – “The Unstoppable Generation” by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

1) Father thank You for making me a part of this unstoppable generation.

2) Father whatever will hinder my prayers today or throughout this convention, let Your blood clear them

3) Father every contention over my life and destiny, let them cease completely from today.

4) Father every satanic personality assigned to monitor my life and purpose, frustrate today.

5) Father every garment of shame, disfavor, lack and poverty used to cover my glory, consume by fire.

6) Every strong man from my lineage withstanding my progress, I declare your backbone broken

7) Father every negative pronouncement against my life and destiny, I render null and void.

8) Father let Your glory be revealed in every area of my life.

9) Father every gift You have deposited into my life that is lying dormant, let them find expression today

10) Father make me a vessel unto honour and use me for Your glory

11) Father make me the solution to pending national and generational problems

12) Lord make me unstoppable in all areas of my life

13) Personal Prayer Point

RCCG 2012 National Youth Convention: 1st-6th of October » Theme: THE UNSTOPPABLE GENERATION

RCCG 2012 National Youth Convention: 1st-6th of October » Theme: THE UNSTOPPABLE GENERATION


Date: 1st-6th of October, 2012.
VENUE: REDEMPTION CAMP, KM 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.

Time: 7pm (Nigerian Time)

Ministering: Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo KICC and other anointed men of God.

Plan to attend and invite others.



Open Heavens Devotional: THE UNSTOPPABLE GOD – Saturday 21 April 2012

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Memorise: Yea, before the day was l am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: l will work, and who shall let it? Isaiah 43:13

Read: Genesis 18:9-14

Except the Lord of Lords cause things to happen, nothing will. In your life the lord will cause things to work out for good. It is explicit from today’s memory verse that another implication of the title Lord of lords is that once He decides to act, nobody can stop or hinder Him. The lord has decided to bless you this season and nothing will stop Him, not even your doubts. You could laugh in unbelief like Sarah, rather than that stopping Him, it will propel Him to do the impossible in your life (Genesis 18:9-14). Your doubt or unbelief cannot hold back the hands of the Lord of lords. Saying, “It is too late” cannot stop Him. When Jesus got to Bethany to raise Lazarus from the dead, one of his sister said, Lord you came too late yet Lazarus was brought back to life. Nothing is too late for the Lord of lords. Every opportunity you have lost shall be restored by the Lord of lords this year in Jesus name. When He unlocks or shuts, nobody can reverse it (Revelation 3:7-8). Every plan of the enemy to reverse your good fortunes shall be terminated this season.

Why is the Lord of lords so powerful that nobody can undo whatever He has done? It is because His name has been highly exalted above every other name so that every other thing must bow to Him (Philippians 2:9-11). As a result of this, whenever He says He wants to do something, all the angels in Heaven will say, Amen; all the forces on earth will say, it is done; while all forces of darkness will say, we withdraw because He is the One who must be obeyed. If you ever call Him your Lord but fail to obey Him at any time, you will receive queries from Heaven (Luke 6:46). When you submit to the Lord of lords, He will cause situations, circumstances and your enemies to submit to you too. How yielded are you to the One who must be obeyed?

Lord, because you are the Lord that must be obeyed, compel every man, force or demon in my situation to obey Your will on my matter now.

Bible in one year: Isaiah 19-21

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