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RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011. Theme: A NEW THING – December 12- 17

Venue: REDEMPTION CAMP KM 46 Lagos-Ibadan Express Way Ogun State Nigeria.

Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye and other anointed ministers of God.

Click here
http://rccg.org/congress2011/day1.html for more information.

You can watch live services at https://www.mutiuokediran.com/blog/?page_id=634

Video: The October 2011 RCCG Holy Ghost Service –Theme: New Anointing.

Message by Pastor E. A. Adeboye.



Prayer Points from The RCCG’s London Festival Of Life: “A New Anointing” – October 2011

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye


1)  Praise The Almighty God for all He has done tonight.

2)  Father by the power of Your anointing, please activate my destiny now.

3)   Father if there are any curses left in my family, destroy them now.

4)    Father please put an end to every form of barrenness in my life and family.

5)     Father, everyone or everything saying, “Where is My God?”, please answer them tonight and silence them.

6)   Father please remove reproach from my life.

7)   Father lift every siege against my destiny tonight

8)  Father transform me completely

9)    Father pour Your new anointing on me and let my cup of joy overflow.

10)   Personal prayer request.

Prayer Points from the 2011 October RCCG Holy Ghost Service: “New Anointing”

New Anointing
New Anointing

New Anointing


1)      Praise God that you are still alive till today. The fact you are still alive today, means that God is not finished with you.

2)      Father, because of your anointing, clear all obstacles that are in my way.

3)      Father, let your anointing destroy every yoke in my life, including those that I was born with.

4)      Father, by the power of Your anointing, decree my breakthrough tonight.

5)      Father, tonight, let my multiplication begin.

6)      Father, every mocker in my life asking where my God is, silence them permanently tonight.

7)      Father, every siege against my destiny, may they be lifted tonight.

8)      Father, release Your new anointing upon me tonight. Anoint me to overflowing.

9)      Personal Prayer Request


**Remember that there are only two months until the end of year. There are things that God has to do before the New Year arrives. This is the best time to ask God to fulfill them in your life**

Watch LIVE: October 2011 Holy Ghost Service: Theme – “New Anointing”.

Friday, 7th October 2011





Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye and other anointed ministers of God.

Friday, 7th October 2011

Time: 7pm (Nigerian Time)

I see a new Nigeria rising – Goodluck Jonathan


Fellow Compatriots,

On this day 51 years ago, the British Union Jack was lowered and replaced by our national Green-White-Green flag, heralding the independence of our nation. The 1st of October remains a special day for us, for Africa, and indeed the world.

As we celebrate today, we remember with pride, the nationalism and patriotism that inspired our founding fathers and the Nigerian people. They set aside their differences, to secure the unity and independence of our great country.

That is the Nigerian spirit! For the Nigerian spirit cannot be broken. We are a resilient nation, determined to chart a course, through the turbulent waters of nation building. The Nigerian spirit is vibrant today in the world.
Our citizens at home and abroad, are making their mark in all fields of human endeavour. These hard-working and committed Nigerians, remain a source of pride to us and a beacon of what is achievable, if we remain focused and determined.
I know that a great number of you are joining hands with me and the Administration, in the great task ahead.
I value all Nigerians. I see our youth who are looking for jobs and yet remain hopeful. I see the farmer, and fisherman, toiling everyday to earn a living. I see the teacher, working hard, to train our future generations, with much sacrifice. I see the market women whose entrepreneurial spirit helps to generate income for their children and families. I see our sportsmen and women training hard to bring glory to our nation.  I see our resilience and commitment, as a nation, to defend our democracy and secure our future.

I see every single profession and vocation, making positive contributions to national progress. I value you all!

Together, we shall work for a Nigeria in which democracy and the rule of law are sacrosanct. A country where corruption and its attendant vices, are banished. A country where human life is sacred and respected, and where the rights of the individual are protected.
Nigeria is a young entity in the comity of nations and yet in her 51 years, she has made significant strides in making her presence felt all over the world. Our diplomatic and peacekeeping efforts, in various parts of the continent, have helped to end conflict and avert crises. In sustaining global security, our intervention has been crucial to peace, progress and democracy for the citizens of the affected countries.   Read more

Funmi Iyanda Journeys Nigeria

After eight years of producing and hosting the acclaimed studio talk show, New Dawn, Funmi Iyanda is returning to the screen at the helm of a different kind of show. The new project is called Talk With Funmi (TWF).

Talk With Funmi is an exciting new programme that captures people around Nigeria. It is a thought provoking, illuminating and entertaining journey into the life of Nigerians from all over the country.

Funmi Iyanda journeys from state to state talking with Nigerians from all spheres of life. The show talks to people everywhere – capturing discussions that range from the hard hitting stories of the day to day challenges of Nigeria with some light-hearted banter and fun along the way. With the first season of recording already completed in some states, don’t be surprised if TWF soon shows up at your doorstep.

Beautifully produced and shot on high definition video, Talk With Funmi is a technical masterpiece. The excellent cinematography and deep, rich colours of the production provide tactile pleasure. TWF is an artistic blend of documentary, reality television and talk show and thus resists categorization. The result is groundbreaking and innovative television from a production team led by award-winning director Chris Dada.
With 36 states, over 200 ethnic groups and 140 million people, Nigeria is alive and teeming with vibrant stories. Nigerians are a people who love to talk, and Nigerians still have great stories to tell – stories of joy, laughter, hard work and success. Stories of suffering and harrowing pain; stories of hope and resilience in spite of all odds. As Nigeria moves towards 50, this is the perfect opportunity to capture transformative Nigerian conversations—conversations that will ignite meaningful change.

It is the power of these conversations that will unlock the potential of our nation and reaffirm the bonds that hold us together as a country. These are the stories that award winning broadcaster and journalist Funmi Iyanda has set out to capture in an ambitious and innovative television show.
The TWF journey promises to be one that is fresh, eye opening and fun and will be broadcast to TV audiences across Africa.

Talk With Funmi is an Ignite Media production.


For further information:
Eniola Harrison
0805 771 0212
eharrison (at) ignitemediang.com

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