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Day 29: RCCG 2018 fasting: (8th February) Prayer Points

PRAYER OF VICTORY THROUGH GOD’S HELP; Text: Exo.17:8-16; Ps.121:1-2; Rev.3:2; John 7:37; Ps. 23:1,6;

• Father!!! Don’t let me loose my focus of You
• Father!!! I lift up my eyes unto You, don’t let me be put to shame
• Lord!!! Rescue me from liars and deceitful people Read more

Prayer points from 14th RCCG Abuja special Holy Ghost Service 2015. Theme: #InChristAlone

1. Praise God
2. Father! Please forgive me for not doing Your work as I ought to
3. Father! Please breathe on me, revive me, and empower me to work for You like never before
4. Father! Please turn me to a mighty vessel unto honour in Your hands
5. Father! Let all my prayers from now on be answered by fire now that I have decided to work for You
6. I have no one else but You Lord, please help me
7. Individual requests

Prayer points from November 2013 RCCG Holy Ghost Service: Sounds from Heaven

1.     Praise Him

2.     Father! Please speak light into my life.

3.     Father! Put a solid divider between me and forces of darkness forever.

4.     Father! Command abundance into my destiny.

5.     Father! Please pronounce a special blessing on me and my family tonight.

6.     Father! Command an end to fruitlessness in my home.

7.     Father! Put me in total control of all situations in my life.

8.     Father! Put an end to every form of siege in my life.

9.     Father! Please command total victory for all my neighbours tonight.

10.  Individual requests.


RCCG November 2013 Holy Ghost Service.

RCCG November 2013 Holy Ghost Service. Theme: Sounds from Heaven » Friday, 1st November



RCCG November 2013 Holy Ghost Service.

Date: Friday, 1st November, 2013.

VENUE: REDEMPTION CAMP, KM 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.

TIME: 7pm (Nigerian Time)

MINISTERING: Pastor E.A. Adeboye.




Prayer Points from Day 2 of RCCG Convention 2013: Theme: Jesus by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

1) Father, because Jesus saved my soul, I say bye bye to sorrow, sickness, failure, and defeat.

2) Father, you said in your word that it shall be well with the righteous. Because I am Your child, let my tomorrow be alright Lord.

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