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National Address by President Goodluck Jonathan on Democracy Day, May 29, 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

Fellow Nigerians,

1.  One year ago, I was privileged to stand before you, to take the oath of office as President of our dear country, the third to serve you as President since the return to democratic rule in 1999. Today, I remember that day and the processes leading to it with profound gratitude to God Almighty and to all Nigerians who have worked very hard to enrich our journey from military dictatorship to inclusive democratic governance.

2.   For the past 13 years, we have remained a stable democracy. We have together demonstrated that the government of the people is an ideal that the people of Nigeria cherish. We have our differences as individuals and as politicians, but we have shown great faith in democracy and its institutions. We have refused to be limited by our differences. Despite reservations about some of our institutions, we have refused to submit to despair. This achievement is a testament to the courage and optimism of the Nigerian people.

3.   As we celebrate this year’s Democracy Day, I pay tribute to all the men and women who have made our democratic experience meaningful: the ordinary people who resisted military rule, and have remained resolute in their embrace of democracy; the army of Nigerian voters who, at every election season, troop out in large numbers to exercise their right of franchise; the change agents in civil society who have remained ever watchful and vigilant.

4.   I pay special tribute also to all patriots who are the pillars of our collective journey, most especially, our armed forces who have steadfastly subordinated themselves to civil authority in the past 13 years. They have continued to demonstrate a great sense of professionalism. They have discharged their duties to the nation with honour and valour.  In a sub-region that has witnessed instances of political instability, authored by restless soldiers, the Nigerian Armed Forces have remained professional in their support of democracy.

5.   When General Abdusalami Abubakar handed over the baton of authority to President Olusegun Obasanjo, in 1999, it was a turning point for Nigeria. We did not arrive at that turning point by accident. Many Nigerians laid down their lives for the transition to democracy to occur.  Some were jailed. Media houses were attacked and shut down. But the people’s resolve was firm and unshakeable.  This is what we remember. This is what we celebrate. On this day, I recall especially the martyrdom of Chief M. K. O.  Abiola, whose presumed victory in the 1993 Presidential election, and death, while in custody, proved to be the catalyst for the people’s pro-democracy uprising. The greatest tribute that we can pay to him, and other departed heroes of Nigeria’s democracy, is to ensure that we continue to sustain and consolidate our democratic institutions and processes, and keep Hope alive. Read more

Day Five: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011 – Prayer points.

1. Let Your wind blow in my favour

2. Father open mighty doors unto me

3. Father, make a new way for me where there was no way before.

4. Father, all those who are plotting my downfall, paralyze them.

5. Every problem in my generation: generational causes, evil covenant, family sickness, end them tonight.

6. Father give me total freedom tonight, maritally, physically, financially.

7. Father, from now on, let me sing a new song of victory, prosperity, triumph, joy, deliverance, please let me just sing a new song, so shall it be in Jesus Name.

Day Four: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011 – Prayer points.

1) Praise Him so He can force open the doors the enemy has shut against you

2) Father, please open doors unto me tonight. Doors of success, doors of progress, doors of promotion.  Open unto me Lord.

3) Father, as soon as You open these doors, let them remain open.

4) Father all the enemies pursing me, shut the doors against them permanently. Once You shut it, no one can open it.

5) All the good doors that were opened for me that have been shut, reopen them to me TONIGHT.

6) Father, as I fulfill my obligations to You, open the windows of heaven unto me.

7) For the rest of my life, let me walk through open doors. From now, let things be easy for me. I have struggled for far too long Lord.

Day Three: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011 – Prayer points.


  1. Praise God that you are still alive till today.
  2. Father, open my eyes to know where You are taking me.
  3. Father, put an end to laziness in my life particularly in the area of prayers.
  4. Father, shake me loose from spiritual slumber. Wake me up now.
  5. Father, whatever it is that will not allow me to achieve Your destiny for my life, take it away from me.
  6. Father, don’t let me stop till I reach the top.
  7. Every form of bondage holding me down, help me destroy tonight.
  8. Lord of hosts, fight for me tonight





Day Two: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011 – Prayer points.


  1. Praise and thank Him that you are not dead till this time.
  2. Father, whatever that can still be repaired, repair it tonight.
  3. Whatever is beyond repair, replace it tonight.
  4. Father, You are God of grace, I know healing can be gradual, make my own instant tonight.
  5. All my dreams that are dead, resurrect them tonight.
  6. Father every member of my family wherever they may be tonight because I am here, extend these miracles to them.
  7. Father, before the sun rises tomorrow, let my testimonies be obvious.

Day One: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011 – Prayer points.

1)      Praise God that the time has come for your new thing.


2)      Father, let everything evil in my life, including immoral thoughts and evil habits, let it end in my life tonight.


3)      Father, replace all emptiness in my life with Your fullness



4)      Give me a brand new name tonight.


5)      Father, let my separation from failure be permanent tonight. Let it end tonight.


6)      Father, from now on, for me, let it be forward ever and backward never, upward ever and downward never.


7)      Father, any other new thing that should be done in my life, please do it tonight. Enable me to become what I ought to become.

VIDEO: HEDGREADS with the Lagos State Deputy Governor in commemoration of the World Literacy Day

Change-A-Life is celebrating Children’s Day 2011



Change-A-Life is celebrating Children’s Day with brilliant and talented children who are also beneficiaries on its education scheme.
To make this day memorable, Change-A-Life has put together a two part event which is educating, informative, fun and exciting!
The first part which is tagged; Be Inspired will be at the Change-A-Life office Mende Maryland while the second part tagged; Learn with Fun will be at the Lekki Conservation Center.
This year’s programme is unique as it involves participation from its Board of Trustees. During the first segment, a Board Member; Mr. Muhtar Bakare will be inspiring the children in an interactive session.
Since 2002, Change-A-Life has been intervening in the lives of indigent children through its education and health scheme. Currently, Change-A-Life supports 98 indigent children.


MTN Innovation Day with LES BROWN 2009

Innovation means a new way of doing things. The goal of innovation is positive change, to make someone or something better and innovation leading to increased productivity is the fundamental source of increasing wealth in an economy. MTN, the leading telecoms brand in Africa and the Middle East is always at the forefront of innovation and change. This time, MTN Nigeria is set to introduce novel products and services to address established customer “needs” in unique ways at the forthcoming MTN INNOVATION DAY events. The event promises to be unique and memorable. Read more

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