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THE WONDERS OF REVERSING THE IRREVERSIBLE by Pastor E.A. Adeboye (Summary of Day Three message) > 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress


Text:    Ezekiel 37 V 4

The Lord Almighty can do all things, He is the all knowing God, Psalm 115 v 15 He is the Sovereign One.

The one more appropriate name of God to describe Him tonight can be found in Rev 1 v8 He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the One who is the One who was and the One who is to come.

Now what is the implication of this?  It means what has gone, what is happening and what is to come all meet together in Him.

As a result of this, He controls time and season, Daniel2v 20 -21. If He wants He can stop time like it happen in Joshua 12 v 10 -14;

He told the sun to stay where it was and don’t set, and the sun stood still.

He can do more than that, He can reverse time according to Isaiah 8v 7-8  The past present and future coincide in Him.

He can go right into the past pick something there and bring it to the present meaning He can pick what you thought you have lost forever and bring it back to you again.

He can go into the future and bring it to the present, like in the case of the wedding in the Canaan of Galilee; when His mother told Him the wine is finished, Jesus Christ said woman my time has not yet come but that same day His time came and He performed His first miracle.

He made laws to control nature and gravity, but all these laws are made for His pleasure according to Revelation 4 v 1-11.

Whenever He wants He can suspend the laws, just like He did in 2 king 6 v 1-7, you don’t need much of science to know that if you throw a wood into the water it will float, but when the axe head of the sons of the prophet fell into the water in 2kings 6 v 1-17, Elisha cut a wood, threw it into the water and the axe head float instead of the wood.

He can suspend law, He can reverse them, and then He can override them.

The Lord in His sovereigns can restore lost opportunity.  He can change curses into blessings. 

You will see this in Genesis 49 v 5-7 when Joshua placed a curse on anyone who tries to build the wall of Jericho but years later in Numbers 3 v 11 Elisha put an end to that curse and turned it into a blessing.

God can also  keep a destiny in suspense if you look at Daniel 4  King Nebuchadnezzar offended God , so He turned him to an animal for seven years.  

Everybody was looking at him as an animal, humanly speaking it was over for him, but in the whole seven years nobody dethroned him, until He restore him back as a king and added excellent majesty to him.

God can turn dry bones into an army, He can make hopeless situation to be hopeful. He can reverse the irreversible.

The question now is for whom will God do this?  These are the kind of people who serve God voluntarily according to 2 kings 4 v 8-17.

God is not ready to help the one who is not ready seek for Him Mark 11 v 46.

Lastly anyone who is going to have the irreversible reversed, must surrender to Him completely.


•Daddy says whatever blessings you have already will not be lost.

•Daddy says stop seeking human attention, I Am all you need and I Am more than sufficient.

•The Lord said very soon it will be difficult to belief you were once a failure.

•The Lord says never again will the devil have a say concerning your progress.

PRAYER POINTS from DAY THREE: 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress: Signs and Wonders


1)   Praise The Almighty God because of His Almightiness. He can do anything.

2)  Father, You are the help of the helpless, please help me.

3)  Father please restore unto me, every opportunity I have lost.

4) Father, give me another chance.

5) Father, change every curse in my life to a blessing.

6)  Father, if need be, rewrite my destiny for the better tonight.

7) Father reverse the irreversible for me tonight.

Wonders of the Spoken Words Pastor E. A. Adeboye (Summary of Day Two message) > 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress

SUMMARY OF Day 2  MESSAGE by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Topic: WONDERS OF THE SPOKEN WORDS: Isaiah 55 v 10-11

This word can bring order out of confusion according to Mark 4 v 31- 41.

The word has to be spoken before it becomes effective.

The moment it is spoken it can no longer be erased or recalled until it has accomplished the purpose for which It  is sent.

The word can transform darkness to light and it can also turn emptiness to fullness.

Conditions you must satisfied so that your spoken word will become effective:

1  Acquaint yourself with the Almighty God

2. Be at peace with God; surrender to God completely

3. Lay up God’s word in your heart.

4. Pay your vows.


PRAYER POINTS from DAY TWO: 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress: Signs and Wonders


1) Praise God because His word has already gone out to you and will not return void.

2) Father according to Exodus 15:26, I can enjoy divine health if I harken diligently to Your voice and obey. I will harken diligently to Your voice and obey. So I thereby decree that from now on I will enjoy divine health.

3) Father according to Psalm 24:6, if I dwell permanently with You, goodness and mercy shall follow me. I hereby decree because I will dwell permanently with You that goodness and mercy shall be mine all the days of my life.

4) Father, according to Psalm 91 because I’m going to dwell with You, no evil shall come near me. I hereby decree because I am going to dwell permanently with You, evil will never come near my dwelling place again.


5) Father,  according to Psalm 118:17, because I will be your witness, I will tell people about Your good works, I hereby decree that I shall live, I shall not die.

6) Father according to John 15:16 if I’m constantly winning souls for You all my prayers will be answered. I thereby decree that from now on before I call God will answer.

7) Personal prayer.

The Wonders of The New Creation by Pastor E.A. Adeboye (Summary of Day One message) > 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress

Congress 2012 – Signs and Wonders

Day 1 – Report


Message by Pastor E. A. Adeboye



Notable Miracles.  On Sunday, December 9th 2012 at Redemption Camp, while Daddy GO was reviewing the music presentation with the Choir, he prayed and a lame man touched where Daddy was standing and he received his healing immediately.  The whole Choir group erupted with shout of joy, praises to the Almighty God.  It was the beginning of things to come this week at Redemption Camp.


Highlight of Daddy Messages – The Wonders of The New Creation

  •   It doesn’t matter how terrible your past records has been the moment you give your life to Jesus Christ, your old records are wiped off and you are given a new one 1 john 1 v 7
  •  The moment you become a new creature the original plan of God for your life begins to unfold.
  •  You will have dominion; you are no longer someone who runs from demons.
  •   Your minds set will change
  •  Your ambition will change, it will be altered Collosians3 v 3
  •    Purity becomes very, very attractive to you.
  • . You begin to pursue perfection


PRAYER POINTS from DAY ONE: 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress: Signs and Wonders


1. PRAISE God that you are still alive tonight
2. Father whatever is standing between me and the wonder of the new creation, reveal it to me tonight.
3. Father, restore to me everything that I have lost; either through disobedience, carelessness or outright sin. The things I used to have, restore to me fully tonight
4. Even before tomorrow morning, let there be evidence of the wonders of the new creature in my life.
5. Father from now; let my dominion be fully established.
6. Personal Prayers

Prayer Points from Day 5 of RCCG Youth Convention 2012: “The Unstoppable Generation” By PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE

1)   Praise God that you are even here tonight. Tonight is going to be a turning point for somebody here tonight.

2)  Father, give me the grace to stop being my own enemy because I know no one can stop me except I stop myself. Give me the grace to obey You completely

3)  Father, let Your Blood speak for me against all satanic hosts.

4)  Father, let Your stripes avail for me against all diseases and aches and pains

5)  Father, neutralize all efforts of my adversaries tonight.

6)  Father, every obstacle in my way to success crush tonight.

7)  Father, take me to highest level possible regardless of every form of opposition

8)  Father, let me begin to enjoy joy unspeakable

9)  Personal Request

52nd Independence Day Speech by President Goodluck Jonathan

An Address by His Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, on the Occasion of the Independence Day Anniversary on Monday, 1st october, 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

1. Beloved countrymen and women, on this day, fifty-two years ago, our founding fathers brought joy and hope to the hearts of our people when they won independence for our great country. Nigeria made a clean break with more than six decades of colonial rule, and emerged as a truly independent nation. That turning point was a new beginning for our nation.

2. Those who witnessed the lowering of the Union Jack and the emergence of the Green White Green flag continue to relish the memory, because that ceremony was not just about the destiny of a nation, but the future of a people.

3. That future is here; we are the inheritors of a great legacy that goes even much farther into the past.

4. The worthy patriots who made this possible were young men and women in their twenties and thirties. They worked together to restore dignity and honour to the Nigerian people. Their resolve united a multicultural and multilingual nation of diverse peoples, with more than 250 distinct languages and ethnic groups.

5. In 1960, our diversity became a source of strength, and the new leaders resolved to carry the flag of independence for the benefit of future generations. They had their differences, but they placed a greater premium on the need to come together to build a new nation.

6. It is that resolve, and that glorious moment that we celebrate today. We also celebrate the patriotism of our heroes past: Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Michael Okpara, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Herbert Macaulay, and several others who made the case for our independence.

7. We remember as always, their contributions to the making of the Nigerian nation, and the efforts of their successors since 1960. We also celebrate the unfailing optimism and resilience of Nigerians who remain proud of our national identity.

8. On this special day, I call on every Nigerian to remain steadfast, because our nation is indeed making progress. I call on every Nigerian to rediscover that special spirit that enables us to triumph over every adversity as a people:

9. We weathered the storm of the civil war, we have refused to be broken by sectarian crises; we have remained a strong nation.  I bring to you today, a message of renewed hope and faith in the immense possibilities that lie ahead.

10. Fellow citizens, I have an unshaken belief in the future of our great Country. I consider it a priority and sacred duty to continue to strengthen the bond of unity that holds our nation together and to promote and nourish the creative energies of our people. This is a central objective of our administration’s Transformation Agenda.  Nigeria, I assure you, will continue to grow from strength to strength.

11. Since I assumed office as President of our dear country on the 6th of May 2010, I have continued to work with our countrymen and women to enhance our nation’s growth and development.

12. Our vision is encapsulated in the Transformation Agenda. We are working hard and making progress on many fronts. We have cleaned up our electoral process; our elections are now globally acclaimed to be free and fair. Nigeria is now on a higher pedestal regarding elections.

13. Over the past five years, the global economy has been going through a weak and uncertain recovery. During the same period and particularly in the last two years, the Nigerian economy has done appreciably well despite the global financial crisis. Nigeria’s real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown by 7.1 per cent on average.

14. It is also significant that the GDP growth has been driven largely by the non-oil sector. In pursuance of the main goals of the Transformation Agenda, a number of reforms and initiatives are being pursued in key sectors of the economy with a view to consolidating the gains of the economic growth.

15. Our country’s power supply situation is improving gradually. We are successfully implementing a well-integrated power sector reform programme which includes institutional arrangements to facilitate and strengthen private-sector-led power generation, transmission and distribution.

16. We have also put in place a cost-reflective tariff structure that reduces the cost of power for a majority of electricity consumers. I am pleased with the feedback from across the country, of improvements in power supply.

17. We are continuing to improve and stabilize on our crude production volumes; our 12-month gas supply emergency plan, put in place earlier this year, has produced more than the targeted volumes of gas for power generation. A robust Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) has been placed before the National Assembly. Its passage into law will ensure far-reaching reforms, transparency, accountability, increased government revenue and predictability for investors in the Oil and Gas sector.

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WORD OF PROPHECY from Day 5 of RCCG 60th Convention » By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

1. The Lord says that in order to prove to you that He is the Lord of host; he will use your enemy to promote you.

2. The Lord says there is someone here tonight, you have a very great ambition but because of the way things are it looks as if that will not be. The Lord says leave that to me.

3. The Lord said this night will be the beginning of days for you.

4. He says there is someone here tonight a member of your family is already in the lion’s mouth, the Lord said He will deliver him.

5. He says you have known joy before but that was briefly, He says the joy He will give you will last forever.

6. The Lord says there is someone here tonight; you have boils all over your private part. He says check they are gone.

7. The Lord says there is a major breakthrough slipped through your hands, He says He will give you another one.

8. The Lord says there is someone here tonight listening to me right now, He says in your desert a spring will bubble up and it will rapidly become a river.

9. The Lord says there is someone here tonight that for the rest of your life your song will be its raining all over me.

10. The Lord says from tonight, three word will no longer be in your dictionary; failure, defeat and agony.

11. God said there is someone here TONIGHT. You shall have three financial breakthroughs. The first one you keep it. The second one, 50% belongs to you, 50% belongs to Him. The third one, 100% belongs to Him. After that, get ready to flourish.

12. The Lord says He will dislocate every hand holding you down.

13. The Lord says some people will sing of wealth, some people sings of popularity, but I the Lord will be your song.

Prayer Points from Day 5 of RCCG 60th Convention » By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Prayer Points from Day 5 of RCCG 60th Convention

1)   Father change my level TONIGHT! Take me higher than I have ever been before!

2)  Father, pull me out of the miry clay, never to return. The miry clay of sickness, failure, poverty.

3)   Father, all the forces that have kept me on the same level all these years, scatter them TONIGHT! Those forces that didn’t allow me to climb scatter them. Those forces working against my promotion scatter them. Those forces keeping me on the level of poverty  and failure scatter them. 

4)   Father, all those who have been asking me where is My God. Show them TONIGHT! Because I have been barren, show them. Because I can’t make ends meet, show them TONIGHT by taking me higher!

5)   Father, everything that pertains to me, perfect it TONIGHT! 

Prayer Points from Day 4 of RCCG 60th Convention By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Prayer Points from Day 4 of RCCG 60th Convention

1) Father,  I will serve you. Arise for me O Lord, and let all my enemies be scattered.

2) In the name of Jesus, Pharaoh hear The Word of the Lord and let me (mention your name) go because I want to serve The Lord. Bareness let me go. Demons let me go. Failure let me go. Death let me go. Disease let me go. Laziness let me go. Everything that causes shame let me go.

Prayer Points from Day 3 of RCCG 60th Convention by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Prayer Points from Day 3 of RCCG 60th Convention by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

1) Father everything I need to restitute about, reveal to me now and give me the grace to restitute promptly without delay.

2) Everything that will prevent me from going higher ground, give me the grace to restitute.

3) Father! I will restitute my ways. Everything I stole I will return. Every curse in my life, Lord, reverse it into blessing.

Prayer Points from Day 2 of RCCG 60th Convention by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Prayer Points from Day 2 of RCCG 60th Convention

By Pastor E. A. Adeboye


1) Father, take this stony heart out of me. Give me a heart of flesh. Give me a heart that will do Your Will. Sanctify me Holy Lord. 


2) Father, I want to go higher. Bring me out of the miry clay.


Prayer Point from Day 1 of RCCG 60th Convention » By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Prayer Point from Day 1 of RCCG 60th Convention » By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

1) Father from today, I will obey You completely. Don’t let me fall by the wayside. 

Prayer Points Day 1 of RCCG North America Convention: “A New Garment” – June 20 – 22

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

1) Holy Spirit move in my life like never before

2) Almighty God speak to me

3) Almighty God put a permanent separation between me and the forces of darkness

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