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RCCG Goshen Church LP 23 Lekki 20th Anniversary > 21st January 2018. Ministering: Pastor E.A. Adeboye

RCCG Goshen Church LP 23 Lekki celebrates 20th Anniversary & Dedication of the Remodelled Church Building


Date: 21st January 2018

Theme: The Set time is come

Time: 8.00 AM (Nigerian time)

Venue: RCCG Goshen Church, Read more

Pictures: Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary celebration. #NigeriaAt55

President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo and other dignitaries during Nigeria’s 55th independence parade anniversary at the presidential villa Abuja – 1st October 2015.

VIDEO: Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary Ceremonial Change of Guards

President Buhari to address the nation on 55th independence anniversary

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari will on Thursday, October 1, 2015, make a nationwide broadcast as part of the programme of activities to mark Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary.
The broadcast will take place  at 7am.

All electronic media stations are kindly requested to join the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) for the broadcast.

Femi Adesina
Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
September 30th, 2015

LIVE VIDEO: RCCG Bayelsa Family 10th Anniversary. Theme: Breaking your fallow grounds

RCCG Bayelsa Family 10th Anniversary

52nd Independence Day Speech by President Goodluck Jonathan

An Address by His Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, on the Occasion of the Independence Day Anniversary on Monday, 1st october, 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

1. Beloved countrymen and women, on this day, fifty-two years ago, our founding fathers brought joy and hope to the hearts of our people when they won independence for our great country. Nigeria made a clean break with more than six decades of colonial rule, and emerged as a truly independent nation. That turning point was a new beginning for our nation.

2. Those who witnessed the lowering of the Union Jack and the emergence of the Green White Green flag continue to relish the memory, because that ceremony was not just about the destiny of a nation, but the future of a people.

3. That future is here; we are the inheritors of a great legacy that goes even much farther into the past.

4. The worthy patriots who made this possible were young men and women in their twenties and thirties. They worked together to restore dignity and honour to the Nigerian people. Their resolve united a multicultural and multilingual nation of diverse peoples, with more than 250 distinct languages and ethnic groups.

5. In 1960, our diversity became a source of strength, and the new leaders resolved to carry the flag of independence for the benefit of future generations. They had their differences, but they placed a greater premium on the need to come together to build a new nation.

6. It is that resolve, and that glorious moment that we celebrate today. We also celebrate the patriotism of our heroes past: Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Michael Okpara, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Herbert Macaulay, and several others who made the case for our independence.

7. We remember as always, their contributions to the making of the Nigerian nation, and the efforts of their successors since 1960. We also celebrate the unfailing optimism and resilience of Nigerians who remain proud of our national identity.

8. On this special day, I call on every Nigerian to remain steadfast, because our nation is indeed making progress. I call on every Nigerian to rediscover that special spirit that enables us to triumph over every adversity as a people:

9. We weathered the storm of the civil war, we have refused to be broken by sectarian crises; we have remained a strong nation.  I bring to you today, a message of renewed hope and faith in the immense possibilities that lie ahead.

10. Fellow citizens, I have an unshaken belief in the future of our great Country. I consider it a priority and sacred duty to continue to strengthen the bond of unity that holds our nation together and to promote and nourish the creative energies of our people. This is a central objective of our administration’s Transformation Agenda.  Nigeria, I assure you, will continue to grow from strength to strength.

11. Since I assumed office as President of our dear country on the 6th of May 2010, I have continued to work with our countrymen and women to enhance our nation’s growth and development.

12. Our vision is encapsulated in the Transformation Agenda. We are working hard and making progress on many fronts. We have cleaned up our electoral process; our elections are now globally acclaimed to be free and fair. Nigeria is now on a higher pedestal regarding elections.

13. Over the past five years, the global economy has been going through a weak and uncertain recovery. During the same period and particularly in the last two years, the Nigerian economy has done appreciably well despite the global financial crisis. Nigeria’s real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown by 7.1 per cent on average.

14. It is also significant that the GDP growth has been driven largely by the non-oil sector. In pursuance of the main goals of the Transformation Agenda, a number of reforms and initiatives are being pursued in key sectors of the economy with a view to consolidating the gains of the economic growth.

15. Our country’s power supply situation is improving gradually. We are successfully implementing a well-integrated power sector reform programme which includes institutional arrangements to facilitate and strengthen private-sector-led power generation, transmission and distribution.

16. We have also put in place a cost-reflective tariff structure that reduces the cost of power for a majority of electricity consumers. I am pleased with the feedback from across the country, of improvements in power supply.

17. We are continuing to improve and stabilize on our crude production volumes; our 12-month gas supply emergency plan, put in place earlier this year, has produced more than the targeted volumes of gas for power generation. A robust Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) has been placed before the National Assembly. Its passage into law will ensure far-reaching reforms, transparency, accountability, increased government revenue and predictability for investors in the Oil and Gas sector.

Read more

ANUNSA UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN – 54th anniversary: OCTOBER 1- 6, 2012



Keynote Speakers:

  • His Excellency, Babatunde Raji Fashola, Executive Governor, Lagos State. 
  • Dr. Jhalil Tafawa- Balewa


Father of the Day

His Royal Majesty,

Oba Odugade Odulana (The Odugade the first) The Olubadan of Ibadanland.



Mother of the Day

Chief (Mrs.) Bola Doherty– Iya ewe of Ibadan land



Guest Artiste

Shola Alinson-Obaniyi



Engr. T.G. Fawole

The Special Adviser to the Oyo State Governor on MDG


Chief Host

Professor Isaac Folorunsho Adewole


Date: October 1- 6, 2012

Time: 12:00pm DAILY

Venue: Conference Centre, University of Ibadan.



Day 1 (October 1, 2012)


Locations: Mokola, Beere, Oje, Agodi Gate

Visits to the prisons: Agodi Gate Read more

Prayer Points from The RCCG Special Holy Ghost Service for UNILAG’s 50th Anniversary

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

1) Praise God for bringing your year of jubilee tonight

2) Father, restore unto me all the opportunities I have lost

3) Father, help me to rebuild my life so that I can get to where You want me to be

4) Father, reverse the irreversibles for me

5) Father, fill my mouth with laughter and let my joy continually overflow

6)  Father, let my jubilee last forever

7) Personal Prayer Point

RCCG Special Holy Ghost Service @ UNILAG today at 7.30PM. Theme: Jubilee. Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Watch live streaming video from holyghostservicetv at livestream.com


DATE: Today, Friday 10th February, 2012


TIME: 7.30PM (Nigerian Time).


I see a new Nigeria rising – Goodluck Jonathan


Fellow Compatriots,

On this day 51 years ago, the British Union Jack was lowered and replaced by our national Green-White-Green flag, heralding the independence of our nation. The 1st of October remains a special day for us, for Africa, and indeed the world.

As we celebrate today, we remember with pride, the nationalism and patriotism that inspired our founding fathers and the Nigerian people. They set aside their differences, to secure the unity and independence of our great country.

That is the Nigerian spirit! For the Nigerian spirit cannot be broken. We are a resilient nation, determined to chart a course, through the turbulent waters of nation building. The Nigerian spirit is vibrant today in the world.
Our citizens at home and abroad, are making their mark in all fields of human endeavour. These hard-working and committed Nigerians, remain a source of pride to us and a beacon of what is achievable, if we remain focused and determined.
I know that a great number of you are joining hands with me and the Administration, in the great task ahead.
I value all Nigerians. I see our youth who are looking for jobs and yet remain hopeful. I see the farmer, and fisherman, toiling everyday to earn a living. I see the teacher, working hard, to train our future generations, with much sacrifice. I see the market women whose entrepreneurial spirit helps to generate income for their children and families. I see our sportsmen and women training hard to bring glory to our nation.  I see our resilience and commitment, as a nation, to defend our democracy and secure our future.

I see every single profession and vocation, making positive contributions to national progress. I value you all!

Together, we shall work for a Nigeria in which democracy and the rule of law are sacrosanct. A country where corruption and its attendant vices, are banished. A country where human life is sacred and respected, and where the rights of the individual are protected.
Nigeria is a young entity in the comity of nations and yet in her 51 years, she has made significant strides in making her presence felt all over the world. Our diplomatic and peacekeeping efforts, in various parts of the continent, have helped to end conflict and avert crises. In sustaining global security, our intervention has been crucial to peace, progress and democracy for the citizens of the affected countries.   Read more

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