What’s going on?
Poverty is at an all time high in Nigeria. We churn out more educated illiterates than any other country in the world. The roads are death trap, the leaders don’t use them anyway- they’ve got choppers for short distances and private jets for long distances, if push comes to shove, their hummers giant tires can get past the roads they rarely need to go by…and with their sirens and security vehicles (filled with policemen with double barrel guns sticking out of the windows,) traffic is not an issue for them. Did I mention that a recent report released by the UN suggests that there is no electricity for an accumulated period of 5 months every year?? Those who can afford it have silent cabins…Heaven forbid that a noisy generator should disturb their peace; there are more unemployed citizens than ever before. The gulf between the rich and poor is unbelievably wide.  
What we can do
We can make a conscious choice to elect leaders that respect our wishes, and have a genuine passion for the suffering majority

Elections are here again and every ethnic group wants the presidency at their backyard…everyone wants a share of the resources meant for all of us. We’ve got to focus. We want change. We want a government for ALL Nigerians 

There is a place where you can go to be influential to your development and extremely powerful. That place is the Polling Station. Understand that things WILL NOT change if you do not exercise your right to vote! It’s the power you have to influence decisions in this country.

Voter registration started 7th October…how many people do you know who’ve registered??? Do not ignore your right to participate in this democracy… Do not become disenfranchised. REGISTER at the nearest polling center TODAY!!! Tell your colleagues, friends, family members. We’ve had enough!

The time is NOW! Get up and out to register! Vote on the 14th & 21st of April 2007!!!


This may be the most important elections in the history of our country! We have got to make this work!!! Pass this important message to all the Nigerians you know…home and abroad. Its time for the people to speak, ok? Your vote is your voice…What do you say???

Visit for more information. Spread word round…forward this message to everyone on your contact list.

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Future Awards 2007

How to Nominate
To nominate for these awards, take a look at the 15 categories and the detail of the awards, then send your nominee  with a 500 word write-up on why you nominated the person, and the profile of that person, and mail to , or with your name, email, and phone number, and with the full name, address, email, and phone number of the person you wish to nominate so we can contact that person.
Full details @ Awards Website

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RenewNigeria® interviews:I see a New Nigeria emerging…Gbenga Sesan

On September 4, 2006, I had online interview with Gbenga Sesan. Gbenga proclaimed, I see a New Nigeria emerging 

I see a New Nigeria emerging

  ‘Gbenga Sesan is an Information Society researcher, and was Nigeria’s first Information Technology Youth Ambassador. He is quick to express his strong belief in the potentials that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) hold for Nigeria and Africa and has been an active participant at national, regional and international discussions on the need for Africa’s inclusion in the Information Society. ‘Gbenga has consulted widely for numerous organizations, including the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, where he is the Vice Chair of the African Technical Advisory Committee. ‘Gbenga is presently completing his postgraduate study in ICT Policy and Regulation, and is Program Manager of Lagos Digital Village, a multi-stakeholder partnership project that provides training and mentorship opportunities for underserved youth in Nigeria. 

For full details of the interviews, please visit and

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RenewNigeria® interviews @

On 10th July 2006, was launched. It has been many battles because of my work schedule. This website is designed to reach out to the Youth of the World, and all that are ready to make changes into our World.  For this reason, I will be having a page dedicated for interviews (RenewNigeria®) with young people and roles models in the society. Since it may not be possible to have face-to-face interviews with those that will feature on the page, I will be sending questionnaire through email for their response. Meanwhile in the next few days, I will like to feature you on my website. If you are interested in featuring on the page, Please send me an email for the questionnaire.

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At last, was launched on 10th July 2006. It has been many “battles” because of my work schedule. This website is designed to reach out to the Youth of the World, and all that are ready to make changes into our World.


Other links on the site are about me, MyBlog (Perspective), Opportunities, Role Models, Photo Gallery, Links, Contact pages. My blog tagged Perspective>>My point of VIEW is @

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EFCC on New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda

Would you want to have a one-on-one conversation with Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, The Executive Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)? Then answer the following questions and send your answers, with your Name, sex, age occupation and telephone number, to

Why do you want to meet with Mallam Nuhu Ribadu?
What is your perspective on EFCC?
What will you like to ask Mallam Nuhu Ribadu?

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Today, 17th July 2006 is my birthday!

Today, 17th July 2006 is my birthday. Anyway I wish I could mark it in a big way, but I was in the studios (New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda) where I work as IT Manager.

But it is very great to be alive and thank God for His mercy and protection.
Besides, I have some birthday mates, which I only called one of them Lydia (we served together in Sokoto State during our NYSC days).

In Shuni Local Government, Sokoto State 2005

If you are of July 17th person or you know someone, please contact me.

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My NYSC Experience

“Going through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a life-building process. It ensures you determine what you want in life; make better use of the year, and always seek God to direct and protect you” (September 2004)
The above quotation which came to my mind in September 2004 when I was preparing for the NYSC orientation camping was my quotation of my service year.
NYSC Scheme is a program designed to foster good relationship between the different regions in Nigeria. In the next few days I will be blogging about my experience in Sokoto State.

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Nigerian President 3rd Term Issue

“We were offered $1m each to back third term”
This was a statement of the Leader of the Alliance for Democracy in the Nigerian House of Representatives; Mr. Wunmi Bewaji on Tuesday, 12th April 2006 in Abuja to Punch Newspapers  correspondents.

President Olusegun Obasanjo

In the report, it was cited that members of the House of Representatives may have been offered $1million each by forces within and outside the National Assembly to support the controversial move to extend the tenure of President Olusegun Obasanjo and governors beyond 2007.
He said, “They came and told me that they have provided $1million for each of us opposed to third term, like they provided for those in support.
In my case, they said they we’re going to offer me an oil bloc in addition to $1million. But I told them that it is not a question of what I am going to gain. But mine is to ensure that we do not only have peace and stability in the country, but to protect our renascent democracy.
My comment: it is very dishearten to hear that our leaders are ready to pay each member of our representatives $1 million, approximately 140 million Naira in a country where the youths are still roaming without hope of getting jobs or those who have jobs are been underpay.

I will like to ask “who are those forces?”
I will like to use this opportunity to call on Nigerian youths to rise up to the occasion say no to the bribery and corruption in our nation. If President Obasanjo wants to rule for the 3rd term, our oil money should not be use to bribe our representatives.
 Time will tell.

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The State of The Nigerian Child (Part One)

Almajiris......All Rights reserved

The trend things are going on in Nigeria, my heart bleeds for Nigerian children that have been neglected by the society. Things are this way because there are so few people whom are ready to change the trend. There are too few people who have heart for them don’t have support in order to help them realize the dreams of raising the standard of living for the average Nigerian child. These people do not seem to realize that these children are the future leaders of this great nation-Nigeria, after we leave this world.

Read more

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