Day 12: RCCG 2018 fasting: (22nd January) Prayer Points

• Intense worship
• Thank God for bringing many souls into RCCG in the past years. Psa 23:6
• Thank God for confirming His word with signs and wonders in the life of RCCG members at all times
• God arise and let there be more harvest of soul in our churches this year in the name of Jesus

• Father; destroy every evil arrow against genuine repentance among our members in the name of Jesus.
• Father give us outstanding miracles that will magnetize multitudes into our churches this year in the name of Jesus.
• Father; empower Your Word in the mouth of all Ministers in RCCG to bring true repentance in life of sinners. Acts 2:37
• Father: Let Your grace unto salvation appear to many this year for soul harvest in our churches. Tit2:11
• Father make us a Christ model of good works that will invite outsiders into the fold Tit 2:7
• Father let every RCCG members be a true light to their communities. Matt 5:16

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