RCCG 2024 fasting & prayers (19th January) DAY 9 PRAYER POINTS

RCCG 2024 fasting & prayers (18th January) DAY 9 PRAYER POINTS


DAY 9 – Fri, Jan 19th, 2024


BIBLE TEXT: Amos 9:14-16, Psalm 122:6, Isaiah 44:1, 1 Peter 2:9-10.



Israel is Gods offspring and first born that grew to become a nation. God use Israel the grandson of Abraham to bring Jesus into the world to further his plan of redemption for human race. God made Israel a kingdom of priest and a holy

nation. We are moving toward the second coming of Jesus Christ.



  1. Father thank you for Your peace and faithfulness over Jerusalem and Israel now and forever in Jesus name. Ps. 122:6.
  2. Father thank you for Your mercy that is sufficient for Israel and as they seek you they will find you and live in Jesus name. Amos 5:4.
  3. Father thank You for the gift of the Messiah from the nation of Israel to save the entire humanity in Jesus name. Lk. 2:11
  4. Father rescue, release and restore the Israelite who are held captives in any nation of the world safely in Jesus name. Jn. 8:36.
  5. Father whosoever the enemy is using to shed the blood of the Israelite let fire of God appear and arrest them permanently in Jesus name. Heb. 12:29.
  6. Father Israel is in the middle of enemies, arise and defend and fight for them like You always do in Jesus name. 14:14.
  7. Father disgrace enemies of Israel sponsoring battle from behind the scene in Jesus name. Ps. 109:29
  8. Father surround Jerusalem and Israel with Your mountain of fire and pillar of cloud day and night in Jesus name. Ps. 125:1-3, Zach. 2:5.
  9. Father you are the one who watches over Israel, and neither slumber nor sleep, please preserve Israel from all evil in Jesus name. Ps. 121:4&7.
  10. Father enter into judgement with enemy nations on behalf of Israel Your heritage and restore the fortunes of Jerusalem in Jesus name. Joel 3:1-3.
  11. Father any nation that conspire to wipe out the nation of Israel, let them be consume as fire consume wood in Jesus name. Ps.83:4-14.
  12. Father set ablaze the weapon of destruction prepared by the enemies of Israel in Jesus name. Isa. 54:17.
  13. Father destroy the arch enemy of Israel with tempest and storm. Fill their faces with shame.


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