RCCG 2024 fasting & prayers (18th January) DAY 8 PRAYER POINTS

DAY 8 – Thurs, Jan 18th, 2024.


BIBLE TEXT(S): Deut. 28:12, Dan. 12:4, Job 5:12, Prov. 18:9, Eccl.5:18.

Many nations have high rate of unemployment because of harsh economic condition. People want to work but no jobs. Out of those employed, some are not gainfully engaged. Hardly can a case of unemployment be established in the bible, everyone is expected to be engaged. We need to pray out these anomalies in our nations.

1. It is only the living that can work. Father, I thank You for the grace of life in Jesus name. Psa. 105:37.

2. It is only the healthy that can work. Father, I thank You for the grace of good health in Jesus name. Psa. 105:37.

3.Father, thank You for nations with good leaders and planning with low records of unemployment, Gen 42:2.

4.Father, help those nations with high unemployment rate in Jesus name. Gen 47:13.

5.Lord, arise deliver our people from every power wasting opportunity in their lives in Jesus name. Pro 22:13.

6.Father, deliver our youths that are under the yoke of slothfulness in Jesus name Proverb 18:9.

7.Oh Lord, open my eyes and show me the secrets to make wealth in Jesus name. Deut. 8:18.

8.Father, I refuse to serve those that are supposed to be serving me in Jesus name.

9.Father, connect me to helpers of my destiny in Jesus name. Gen 41:9.

10.Father, You raised kingmakers for Uzziah, Oh Lord raise king makers for me and my children in Jesus name. 2Chr 26:1.

11.Father, guide my heart to be of good behaviors to all my potential helpers of destiny. Gen 40:9-13.

12.Father, no matter the situation around me, help me to know and make use of the gifts in me for the good of my fellow men in Jesus name.

13.O Lord, I decree and declare that every power making it difficult for me to be employed be wasted in Jesus name. Isa 54:16.

14.You devil, in the name of Jesus, loose your grip over my career, destiny, business, academics, qualifications in Jesus name.

15.Father, let Your wind blow away all manners of unemployment in our nations in Jesus name.

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