Prayer Points from RCCG May 2021 Holy Ghost Service #OverflowingBlessing #GodBlessYou5

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

1) Father, bless me to overflowing tonight and let me lend to nations.

2) Father, thank You for blessing me, please make me a blessing to many generations.

3) Father, every plan of the enemies to attack my source of joy, please frustrate tonight and grant me joy unspeakable.

4) Father, please use me to wipe away sorrow from my family, my community and my nation.

5) Father, grant me peace in all areas of life and use me to still the storms of others.

6) Father, please answer all my prayers and make me an answer to the prayers of many.

7) Father, the faith that is the gift of the Holy Spirit, please give it to me tonight.

8) Father, every false prophecy concerning me, I cancel them in Jesus Name.

9) Father, everyone who needs to help me but are delaying, let them not rest until they deliver to me my help package.

10) Father, let the siege over my nation be lifted this very month.

11) Father, anoint me afresh and use Your anointing upon my life for the healing of nations.

12) Personal requests.

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