DAY 4: RCCG Year 2020 Fasting & Prayer Guide For January And February

Tuesday 14th Jan 2020


  1. Thank You Lord, for the salvation of my soul.
  2. Thank You father, for the miracle of sleeping and waking every day. Psa 35:23
  3. Thank You Lord, for I am wonderfully and fearfully Psa 139:14

  1. Thank You Lord, for making all the members of my family for Your signs and wonders. Isa 8:18
  2. Father, I thank You because I will not die but live to declare the works of Your Hands in my Country (name your country) and all over the world in Jesus name. Psa 118:17
  3. Father, I thank You for keeping every member of my family alive in Jesus name. Eccl 9:4
  4. Father I thank You for divine protection and provision, in Jesus name. Gen 47:12
  5. Father I thank You for divine visitation, in Jesus name. Job 10:12.
  6. Father, I thank You for divine connection, in Jesus name.
  7. Father, I thank You for delivering me from the hands of devourers in Jesus name. Mal 3:11
  8. Father, I thank! You for always granting me and my family journey mercies, in Jesus name. Psa 121: 8
  9. Thank You because of Your mercies and love towards me and my family in Jesus name Psa 138:1-2
  10. Thank You because I know You will open unto me the gate of your abundance, I will enter and continue to give You thanks Psa 118:19, 68:19
  1. Thank You for giving me overflowing blessing and anointing my head with oil Psa 23:5
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