RCCG House of Praise Camberwell Trailblazers Men’s Conference 2019 – Life Choices

VENUE: RCCG House of Praise, Camberwell, 254-270 Camberwell Road, SE5 0DP London, United Kingdom


Pastor Andrew Adeleke



Pastor Olayemi Adeleke – Senior Pastor of RCCG House of Praise

Akinwade Ademosu – CEO of Credit Direct Limited

Karl Lokko – Community Activist

William Adoasi – Founder of Vitae Group

Ayo Oduniyi – Founder of A&O Studios



Steve Tebb


Friday 14th June

6.30pm – 9.00pm

Saturday 15th June

10am – 4.00pm

Sunday 16th June

10am – 2.30pm


Registration Begins:

Friday 14th June – 6pm

Saturday 15th June – 9.30am

Ticket purchases:

FREE tickets last till 10th June and then will be £15 thereafter.


Choices, choices, choices.

Life is all about choices and where we find ourselves in life can be traced back to a choice we made at some point or another.

To make a choice is to decide between 2 or more possibilities, but we now live in an unprecedented age of options. And that can make choice difficult. You may even say that the more options one has, the more difficult it is to make the right decision.

Though we should always strive to sharpen our decision making, in our position as men it has to be our upmost priority as everything we are attached to is affected by the decisions we make!

As stewards of our families, lords of our homes, professionals in the workplace, entrepreneurs, creatives & leaders – we have the ability to follow the map marked out for us if we take control and make our choices count!

What happens when we are wayward with our decision making? Who suffers if the wrong course of action is taken? Why does the weight of choice fall on us? When did we last see fruits from our authority?

How many times have you felt out muscled by impossible situations? How often have you drowned in secret sorrow as a result of plans & actions taking a turn for the worst.

In this men’s conference, hosted by our men’s ministry – The Trailblazers, listen to wisdom, experience and practicality as we come together to learn & seek the face of the God.

This promises to be a time of refreshing,

Men, get ready to step into a season whereby you are not shaken by pressure or lack of resources!

You do not have to be the one to suffer or live in a reality that does not reflect who you are or what you are capable of.

Now is the time to take control and today YOU can make it count.


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