Day 27: RCCG 2019 Fasting Prayer Points – Wednesday 6th February 2019


1. Praise and worship God

2. Thank God for the progress being recorded in the 3×3 Auditorium project

3. Let us thank God for the vision for this project how it has brought about speedy development to the entire Simawa localities

4. Let us thank God the Author and Finisher of our faith for protection over all the workers on site.

5. O! Lord my Father let the four winds of the earth begin to blow in FAVOUR of all the camp projects in Jesus name.

6. Father scatters every conspiracy of hell against the completion of 3×3 Auditorium, in Jesus name.

7. Father! Please raise more helpers for the work

8. Father! We thank You for members of team Nehemiah for their diligence and commitment to the project. Help them the more and bless them.

9. O! Lord empower this project to go faster and prosper in Jesus name (Ezra 5 v 1 –8

10. Any strange altar resisting the progress of this project, scatter by fire now in Jesus name.

11. The new Auditorium project, “Arise, Shine”! In Jesus name. Isa 60:1–Attract resources and finances in Jesus name.–Gain unusual speed in Jesus name.

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