AUDIO: ORAMIPADA by New Gen (Download)

Jesus Christ died for the redemption of our souls from Sin, the Devil and Death.
Download ORAMIPADA by New Gen

Oramipada aaa, lowo ese,lowo esu, lowo iku
My life is in Him
Iye mi wa ninu re

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About Ora mi Pada:

Oramipada by New Gen Oramipada rendered in Yoruba (a sub-branch of the Niger-Congo African language family) which translates “You Redeemed Me” is a song by New Generation released in March 2018.

The song which was inspired by the Holy Ghost speaks of the redemption works of Jesus Christ and the victory every believer has through this. This song can be dubbed a song of Victory to the Great Redeemer who gave us victory over sin and retrieved the keys of eternal life from death and endowed us with life eternal. …O gba kokoro lowo Iku, Ogbe iku mi ni isegun… iye mi wa ninu re… (He retrieved the keys from death, He swallowed up death in victory, I live in Him…). The song was produced by Phatstringz.

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