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About Zignature

Zignature is an awesome online platform that allows users to create bespoke & unique email signatures that promotes their businesses & brands with just a few clicks.

How it Works

You can create stunning attractive email signatures (like mine) with just a few clicks by signing up and selecting from our wide range of templates and generate your own custom email signatures with your photos, company logo, social media channels and even promotional ad banners with minutes.

They offer both free and premium customizable signature templates.

Why Zignature?

+ The platform is fast & easy to use
+ Allows users embed social icon channels
+ Sign up is totally FREE
+ Super Affordable Premium Signature Templates
+ Embed our photos from your social media accounts such as facebook
+ Theyoffer amazing round the clock Technical Support


+ Easy user-friendly signature creating tool

+ All your images, icons, banners and signatures fast hosting

+ Unlimited signature installations

+ Professionally crafted signature templates

+ Major email clients support

+ All users signature and their status management

+ Pictures/Logo manager

+ Social media icons packages

+ Easy access to all signature with preview and additional info

+ Send access to all users for editing and installation from dashboard

+ Green Messages

+ Legal Disclaimers

+ Signature installation guides and support

You can try the free edition by clicking here

The full package would be launched by the 1st quarter of 2017

zignature is powered by WebRelated Consulting

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