RCCG Nu Breed Digital BootCamp 2016 » 23rd – 29th October

Digital BootCamp is a workshop designed to equip the upcoming generation of youths (millennials) with the tools and techniques required to make them a major stakeholder in the emerging virtual world. As the world advances and gradually diffuses into a virtually real word, teenagers need to be informed about this reality, carried along and trained to become major stakeholders in the making of the emerging virtual world. It is our candid belief that teenagers in this part of the world should not just be consumers, but also makers and drivers of the trend. In this wise, the workshop will therefore engage intensive training in the dynamics of digitalization which will be interactive in orientation.



To raise a generation of teenagers that will be pioneers of digital revolution in Africa and position Africa as a major stakeholder in the digital age.


To build teenagers that have strong capacity to lead and influence the world positively.To raise a generation of teenagers that are digital savvy and gurus


Who can enroll for Digital BootCamp 2016?

Any teenager between the age of 15 and 21 years.

  1. Teenager must be a Christian
  2. Teenager between the age of 15 – 21
  3. Teenager must be Computer literate
  4. Teenager must have Social Media Presence
  5. Teenager must possess a mobile gadget that can browse the Internet
  6. Teenager must obtain and present parental/guardian consent through a written letter.
  7. Teenager must obtain a reference letter from your parish pastor.

Is the Digital BootCamp 2016 for Redemption Camp and environs only?

No. Teenagers from every location can participate in the Digital BootCamp 2016.

How do I register for the Digital BootCamp 2016?

To participate in the Digital BootCamp 2016, visit www.rccgnubreed.org, fill the form, submit and wait to receive a confirmatory SMS.

When does Digital BootCamp 2016 take place?

The workshop is a week-long event that will take place between the 23rd and 29th of October, 2016 at the Youth Place, Redemption Camp.The program will be segmented into morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

What is the registration fees for Digital BootCamp 2016?

The Digital BootCamp 2016 is absolutely free. No financial commitment is attached to the Digital BootCamp 2016.

Will I need to buy textbooks or other materials

No, all course materials and other materials will be given at the Digital BootCamp 2016. If you have a laptop, kindly come along with it.

What is the feeding arrangement going to be like?

Feeding has been catered for by the organizers of the Digital BootCamp 2016. The registration still remains free.

What is the accommodation arrangement like?

Accommodation has been catered for by the organizers of the Digital BootCamp 2016. The registration still remains free.

What are the things I should come with to the Digital BootCamp 2016?

All participants should come with a Laptop (if you have one), Internet accessible phone, Sport outfit, Night wears, Corporate outfits, and toiletries (bathing soap, tooth paste and brush, towel, comb/air brush).

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