World changers by Pastor Bamidele Sturdivant #TheallsufficientGod

Day 3 RCCG convention morning for bible college graduation


Topic: World changers
Text : Matthew 28:18-19
From concept of world changers
1) World
2) Changers
Our big God do big things
Isaiah 66:1
Ex 1 Judges 7:1-7, shows how God reduce army of several thousands to 300, hence task is big but the number is small
It does not matter the size of your problem , you will come out victorious
Ex 2 Mark 6:35-44
A great crowd was satisfied from a scarce supply
In the name of Jesus You will move from never enough to sufficient and to more than enough
Ex 3 2nd kings 4:1-7
For what appears not enough in Uruguay, the all sufficient will supply you
.. Daddy’s vision for evangelism is for the entire world and to use you and I as world changers
Matthew 28:16-20
God is not intimidated by the size of assignment based on the world’s 6billion people
Even if the world is getting darker, God is still saying be world changers.
Ist John 2:20 it does not matter the new sins committed, it does not matter new negative laws, you are still world changers
What does it mean to be a world changer?
1) Must have a global perspective .. See the entire planet as prospect for heavenly glory John 4:25, means when u go out witnessing today , some people are ready to receive him acts 1:8, hence no race , no colour , that does not require the word


2) Keep the gospel pure.
2nd Timothy 1-5
.imagine in USA some are taking writers of King James Version to court in order to remove the clause against homosexuality
2nd Timothy 3:16 .. 2nd Tim 4:2 . Be consistent, in season or even out of season. Isaiah 64:6
Evangelism was brought here but we are getting it back to the Americas etc
3) You must be Godly prepared.. As the world is full of godless perversion. If you are going to be world changers, it must go beyond preaching in church to confronting the world politically, socially, economically ,
2nd Tim 2:15 , Romans 1:16 you must be passionate about the gospel .. I must be prepared prayerfully acts 16:25
,, you are unstoppable Matthew 16:18
The church does not have the gate but hell has the gate but hell cannot stop the church so the church is marching on
I believe you will have the testimony to affect your world while you are alive
Acts 17:6

John 12:32.. Lift God up and you will see God draw men Himself


(Prayer) Acts 5:31, Philippians 2:9 
1) Father as I go forth , let my message only lift up Jesus , not who I am, not my degree, not my accomplishment

2) My calling us holy , please help me live holy, I don’t want to fail Youu, let me holy as Your word is . Help me to be perfect


3) 2nd Timothy 2:3
Father as I go forth, keep me un-spotted by the world stain


4) John 15:20
Father, in the face of persecution, help me to stay true to my assignment


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