Lagos will be chaotic without LASTMA, says Ambode


Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on Wednesday met with Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) and Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) officers, stating that Lagos would be a chaotic city without LASTMA officials.Lagos will be chaotic without LASTMA (3)
The Governor who spoke at a meeting with officials of the agencies at Lagos House, Ikeja said henceforth, the three agencies were going to be the new face of Lagos, adding that he would get the commendations for whatever they do right and the blame for their misdeeds.
“Just visualize that there is no LASTMA on the road. Lagos would more chaotic. I appeal strongly for your cooperation and support. As little as you may think your work is, you are going to be the new face of this government”.
“Anything that you do, that is good, I am going to get commendation for it and anything you do that is bad I am going condemnation for it. So that is my appeal and it is very important to all of you”, the Governor said in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Habib Aruna.

Lagos will be chaotic without LASTMA (2)
Speaking to the LASTMA officials, the Governor said the feedback he gets from people is that the traffic situation in the state has worsened, thus, officer must do everything to provide fast track solutions that would ensure free flowing traffic again.
He charged the LASTMA officials to identify trouble spots as it affects traffic bottle necks in the State and deploy additional hands to such places so that traffic can be free flowing again at all times.
He cautioned against the trend of agencies of the government torturing citizens or making life miserable for them through their actions.
“I would make life simpler for every Lagosian and I would make each Lagosian to happier than ever before. The duty of every one of you here including me is to make life easier for every Lagosian. Whatever role we find our self, the question is what is it that I am doing or that I have been told to do? Should I do it and make life simpler? Should I make people that come across me in the course of my duty happier? Once you are able to answer those two questions well, you would see that your pattern of service delivery would change”, he said.

He charged the operatives to use technology in arresting those who contravene the law instead of resorting to harassment or forcibly taking over peoples vehicles, advising that the same technology that is used in sending message of reminders about vehicle documents could be adopted in tracking people who commit traffic offences down without forcible seizing their cars.

He urged the KAI officials to go back to the streets and enforce the law against street trading in a civil manner, stating that the agency should also look at the option of adopting the use of social media to achieve effectiveness.

He frowned at the practice of VIS officials impounding vehicles for days saying technology should be adopted to ensure that the practice whereby vehicles are detained for so long in VIO yards is eliminated.
Also present at the meeting were the Deputy Governor, Dr (Mrs) Oluranti Adebule, Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Tunji Bello, the Chief of Staff, Mr. Olukunle Ojo and Head of Service, Mrs Sade Jaji.


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