Prayer points from RCCG January 2014 Holy Ghost Service. Theme: You Shall Laugh Last

  • 1.    Praise God with all your strength
  • 2.    Father! Please give me the grace for total surrender
  • 3.    Father! Please help me to love You with all my heart, soul and strength
  • 4.    Father! Please let those asking where’s my God come and surrender to You
  • 5.    Father! lets those laughing at me, come and laugh with me soon
  • 6.    Father! Let me laugh last
  • 7.    Father! Let my laughter overflow forever
  • 8.    Father! Let the joy of those who wish me well last forever
  • 9.    Father! Help me to bring joy of salvation through many homes through soul winning
  • 10. Father! please have mercy on Nigeria
  • 11. Individual requests
  • 12. Pray for the General Overseer (Pastor E.A. Adeboye) and his family
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