Prayer Points from RCCG Watch Night Service 2013-14

1. Say thank You to Him till you can say it no more

2. I will testify of Your goodness to everyone. So help me God

3. I will witness at all times and every where, So help me God

4. I will do all I can to build Your kingdom. So help me God

5. I will spend and be spent for You. So help me God

6. I will stay far away from sin. So help me God

7. Father! I will fight against all forces of darkness wherever and whenever they may be found. So help me God

8. Father, by your grace I will shine for You- in my home, family, village, office, nation, etc. So help me God

9. By Your grace, I will be a blessing to all I come in contact with. So help me God

10. Father, I will be a channel, let your anointing flow through me. So help me God.

11. Personal Request.

12. Prayer for the General Overseer (Pastor E.A. Adeboye) and his family.


RCCG Watch Night Service 2013-14

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