Prayer Points from RCCG September 2013 Holy Ghost Service. Theme: GOD WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

1. Praise Him that your time has come at last.

2. Father, please turn my captivity today.

3. Father, I will sow in tears, let me reap in joy.

4. Father, if you are paying only one person a special visit tonight, let it be me.

5. Father please fulfill all your prophecies concerning me tonight.

6. Father, please decree my fruitfulness right now.

7. Father, please fill my mouth with laughter this month.

8. Father, before this month ends, let me sing a new song.

9. Father, in my life tonight, proof Your Almightiness.

10. Father, please make my neighbours laugh too.

11. Your personal requests.

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