IMMANUEL by Pastor E.A. Adeboye at Festival Of Life Manchester, UK (Prayer Points Included)

RCCG FOL Manchester July 2013Bible Text: Matthew 1:22-23
Emmanuel means GOD WITH US. ‘Us’ simply means you and I. Tonight we will focus on ‘God’ and ‘with’.

Who is God? If you go through the scriptures you find out several things about God.

1) God is the creator (Genesis 1:1, John 1:1,3). If He is the creator, it means the ability to recreate. In John 9:1-7, Jesus healed a man who was born blind. If there is a part of your body doctors have confirmed dead, tonight it will be recreated in Jesus name. Amen

He is also the creator of destinies! He can recreate destinies. For anyone destined for tragedy, the Almighty God will change destiny in Jesus name! Amen.

2) According to Psalm 24:1, God is the possessor of all. Because God is the possessor of all things, He can supply all your needs (phil4:19) No matter how heavy your debt is, before the end of the year, you will be debt free in Jesus name. Amen!

3) According to Psalm 75:7, God is the promoter. 1Samuel 2:8 says He can make raise a beggar to start dinning with kings. Sooner than you think, your promotion will come in Jesus name. Amen!

4) According to Psalm 24:8-10, He is the king of kings and Lord of host. Because he is the Lord of host, He will fight your battles for you(Exodus 14:14). Everyone of you that is being pursued by forces,

5) According to John 15:1, our God is the fruitful vine. If you abide in Him, you will bring forth more fruits. You’ll be fruitful in every facet of life in Jesus name. Amen

6) According to Exodus 15:26, He is the great physician. It doesn’t matter what human doctors have said or the nature of your illness, He can heal you.

7) God is the wonder-worker. In Daniel 6:25-27, after an idol worshipping king saw the works of our God, the king said God does wonders in heaven and on earth. This is a God who can bring water out of rocks, a God who can raise the dead.

When we are talking about relationship between God and man, we can have God with us, God for us or God over us. Tonight we’ll focus on ‘GOD WITH US’. Several things happen when God is with a man

-Whenever God is with a man, obstacles always crumble. 1sam17:34-36 every giant blocking your way to the throne will fall tonight.

-When God is with you, you can be assured of unending provision (1King17:10)

-When God is with you, your deepest needs will be met.(2Kings 4:6-17)

-When God is with you the irreversible becomes reversed (2Kings 6:1-5) Every opportunity you thought you have lost forever will come back to you in Jesus name

– When God is with you, failure turns into instant success.(Luke 5:1-9) Peter was an ordinary fisherman before he came in contact with Emmanuel, his life turned around.

As it is possible for God to be with us, it is very possible for God to be against an individual. The same bible which says God is love also says God is a consuming fire. When God is against someone the result can be very disastrous. In Acts 12:20-23, a king was eaten up by worms just because God was angry with him.

God can either be with you, be against you or just be neutral with you. When He is neutral, he won’t be with you, neither will he be against you…He will just leave you alone. According to Hosea 5:8-9, when God is neutral with a man, the man can become desolate.

Tonight you need to make a choice. What do you want? Do you want God to be with you, do you want Him against you or just neutral with you? Matthew 12:30 makes it clear that you are either for Christ or against Him.

God has been calling many of us to get closer to Him. It’s not enough to attend church services or claim to be a Christian, you need to stay away from sin and start living holy.

God wants us to surrender our life totally to him, so He can be with us. If you don’t accept His invitation tonight, He can leave you alone and that will give more room for the devil to take over. Come to Him now…Tell the devil to leave you alone… Surrender your life totally to Jesus!


1. Praise God for making it possible for you to be here or connected to this programme tonight

2. Emmanuel, please don’t forsake me

3. Emmanuel, please help me

4. Emmanuel, pray for me Yourself just as You prayed for Peter

5. Emmanuel please don’t let me ever offend you again

6. Emmanuel, please send help to my neighbours.

7. Personal prayer request.


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