The Wonders of Worship by Pastor E.A. Adeboye > RCCG June 2013 holy communion service

EAAdeboye.jpg1st Bible Reading: 1 Corinthians 11:23-34

2nd Bible Reading : Exodus 12:26-27

The Almighty God is so into worship to the extent that the bible says in John 4:23-24 that God Himself will personally seek out those who worship Him in spirit and in truth. God loves to be worshiped; there is hardly anything you cannot get from God if only you worship Him sincerely.

*When you worship God, He will heal you. In Matt hew 8:1-3 , the bible tells the story of a leper who got healed immediately after worshiping Jesus.

*When you worship Him, He will deliver you. In Mark 5:1-15, the bible talks about the encounter of the mad man of Gedera with Jesus. This mad man couldn’t pray because the legions of demons in him wouldn’t have let him even if he tried but he worshiped God and as a result he got his deliverance.

*When you worship God He can restore dead things back to life. In Mark 5:21-43 the bible tells the story of Jarius whose daughter was very sick. After falling at the feet of Jesus and worshiping Him, his sick daughter who eventually died was brought back to life.

*The quickest way to becoming a prophet is by worshiping Him, if you worship Him, you begin to hear from Him. In 2King 3:11-18, when the king of Israel, Judah and Edom wanted to go fight the Moabites, they went to consult Elisha but before Elisha could hear from God, he requested a minstrel was brought…After the minstrel played and they worshiped, God spoke.

Your deepest needs can be met just by worshiping. If prayers fail, try worship.

According to Exodus 5:1, the reason why God set the people of Israel free from Egypt was so that they could worship Him. If God sees you as a worshiper, He will deal with your Pharaoh.


The Holy Communion has a purpose and one of it is for us to be able to worship God in a way God wants to be worshiped. The bread represents His body and the wine represents His blood (Matthew 26:26-28) Taking the bread makes us healthy (Isaiah 53:5) and God wants us to be healthy so that we can have enough strength to worship Him. Drinking the wine also makes the Holy spirit come into you and that way you can glorify and worship God acceptably.


The bible says in John 4:24 that because God is a spirit, He must be worshiped in spirit and in truth. Sinners cannot worship God acceptably because they cannot truly worship Him in spirit and in truth. Therefore if you are living in sin, surrender you life to Him today, confess your sins, ask God for forgiveness and start living right so you can begin to enjoy the wonders of worship.


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