Open Heavens Devotional Daily Broadcast on this blog will discontinue temporarily!


Please be informed that we will not be able to publish open heavens by Pastor E. A. Adeboye on the blog for the meantime. We just got a mail from solicitors to Open Heavens International Centre Limited.

However, we are working on getting approval from Daddy GO’s office and hoping to start publishing immediately we secure approval.

Be expecting New Glory Devotional as from tomorrow.

Thanks and God bless.

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  1. Godfrey says:

    It has been a blessing. I join faith with you and trust God to touch Daddy G.O to give you permission to continue publishing open heaven.

  2. My names are Benjamin princewhite. says:

    I have gained alot from the open heaven ever since i started recieving post from you, may God touch daddy G.O to permit this great medium of evangelism, i cant aford to miss it .God bless u.

  3. Solution says:

    God will open heavens for Open heaven Publication’s sake

  4. tolu says:

    Hello,I have been blessed through this online open heavens, it has drawn me close to God where I am now, I don’t have access to the hardcopy. I will be glad if this can continue. God bless you. Thanks

  5. TUNDE AKINADE says:


  6. Johnson says:

    Well,you shall receive your ‘permit’ cos since I’ve been studying open heavens on your blog,rather than the loaded rccg website,I can testify your post were not for financial gains.
    I join those who shall wait and hope they respond fast.

  7. ayokanmi says:

    This open heaven as been helpful to win soul to Christ through this blog, my prayer is that Daddy G.O will permit it to continue in Jesus name

  8. james says:

    i pray daddy should let it be publish again coz is realy a blesing to me.

  9. Atiba O.E says:

    Please show my mail 2 daddy G.O.I am once lost in which i av lost everything but through this devotional blog I am with Christ and there is great hope for me. Please dad i don’t want 2 far 4rm God and am not having money 2 buy the hard copy just bcos i av no job.pls let people like me feed at the feet of Jesus Christ through this blog for Christ sake daddy. I believe in u sir. MR MUTIU DO NOT TAKE ANY MONEY FROM ME SIR. ATIBA FROM OYO TOWN.

  10. Temitayor. O says:

    God will touch Daddy’s heart and make him approve d publication of Open Heavens.

  11. Anselem Real says:

    I must say i ve been really blessed via this medium. God will touch Daddy to grant this request so long as is to the propagation of His Kingdom. Please Sir don’t give up, just keep the fire burning……It’s well!

  12. Ruth says:

    I pray that you will get all the authorization you will need to continue to publish God’s word, cos after reading it, send to others and whereby dis is stopped i won’t get the opportunity to do so. My prayer is that you get the authorization fast, thanks and God bless.

  13. Thk God for what he is doing in this blog through you.I pray u keep the fire burning.I don’t think Daddy GO is fully aware of what is going on with the solicitors.I hope its quickly resolved.For am missing my daily reading.

  14. tolu says:

    I have been so blessed, with this online open heavens. Where I am, I don’t have the hard copy, I will be glad if the site can be opened. God bless you.

  15. Adeyemo says:

    It’s so painful dat I can’t read open heavens again. It has drawn me closer to God. Now I’m growing far away gradually

  16. Victor Joe says:

    I’ll like it 2 continue, amen

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