WOMEN BUILDING NATIONS by Dr. Oby Ezekwesili @obyezeks at 60th Annual RCCG Convention »Saturday August 11, 2012

Come Up Higher » the 60th Annual RCCG Convention: Saturday August 11, 2012


There are many realities for women; the reality of their uniqueness. There identity is not compromised; they are uniquely constructed by God for a purpose. I need you to identify that you know the purpose for which God created you and this will help you to have vision. What is your life vision? There are two reasons why it is important you have a vision:

Number one we are on earth to maximize the talent God has given you. What is that talent you have not maximized?

Secondly we have to be people who will come face to face with God in heaven. No matter how great we use our talent, if we don’t make heaven, we undercut ourselves.

The nation that we have been born into was specifically made for us and as a woman I know of no better constitution than the bible and even as a professional who by God’s grace received a good education, I found out that there is no better constitution than the bible.


Deborah the fearless:

Deborah was a woman that build nation, she was fearless. She was a woman of deep conviction. Are you courageous, are you fearless? Deborah boasted in her God, you cannot boast in a God that you don’t have a deep relationship with. Deborah dared! Are you ready to dare till Nigeria turns around.

Abigail the wise counselor:

Abigail understands how to be a wise woman. She prevented David from sharing blood. The wise counsel of Abigail is missing in our generation today. It is wisdom that will rebuild Nigeria.

Ruth the incredible character:

Ruth a woman with an incredible character, she was not a woman who was moved by what she saw others doing. She believed in the God of her mother in law and stuck to her till the end. Today we have women who are only interested in the physical things; the fashionable clothes, cars, homes and all sorts. Ruth knew those things were important but they were not priority. The integrity of Ruth contrasted that of Orpha her sister in law who was mindful of physical things.

As a woman we should be concerned in our nation, we have to be committed and devoted, we have to be loyal to a cause. God is looking for remnant that will stand up for Him. And if you choose to be part of the remaining people who will stand for God, even though things may not look rosy now, but I tell you that God will come through for you.

Many women reads all sorts of magazines but you cannot pray alright if you don’t have the right information. You must read books; newspaper, books on nation building, read Proverbs 31. You need to build up within in order to build without.

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