RCCG March 2012 Special Holy Ghost Service – Prayer Points: “Let The Fire Fall”

1) Praise God that you are still alive till today.

2) Lift your voice to God and say Father, let Your fire fall and destroy all my yokes.

3) Father, empower me now so whatever I touch will prosper.

4) Father, arise and scatter all my enemies; Enemies known and unknown.

 5) Father, disappoint all my household foes.

 6) Father, restore my destiny fully.

7)  Father, let me laugh last.

8) Father, put a new song in my mouth.

9) Pray for Daddy GO, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.

10)  Personal Prayer Requests.

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4 comments on “RCCG March 2012 Special Holy Ghost Service – Prayer Points: “Let The Fire Fall”

  1. God bless you abundantly, Bro Mutiu Okediran. May God continually prosper you in all that you do.

  2. Dears, i need FERVENT PRAYER on my situation; i was leaving so called peacefull life but almost far from GOD, it was a trap, heard about GOD (JESUS), i am even sure of being loved by him. i took another way, i started thinking that everything was good for me, smoking, drinking, girls, life of evil; i mean the bad you can’t ever think (SODOMY, NON CONSIDERATION OF FAMILY LINK, LIFE FOOL, LEAVING THE LIFE LIKE IT WILL NOT END). Now my wife is gone, i am unhappy, deaphly unhappy, i am ill, may be AIDS, my professional life non stable. i repent and need GOD mercy, really need to see hand of GOD.

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