Subsidy Removal: National Youth Emergency Meetings in Abuja, Lagos, Jos, Kano and Ibadan!

Fellow Nigerian Youth,

The time is NOW!

Enough of all the grammars and ranting on Facebook and Twitter!

By removing subsidy on PMS yesterday, the GEJ led Federal Government has simply drawn a battle line with the Nigerian people, most especially the Nigerian youth who constitute 70% of the populace.

Removing Fuel Subsidy on a New Year Day is worse than the Christmas Day bombings by Boko Haram. . . This is the mother of all bombings!!!

The action of the FG yesterday is a slap on our faces and an insult on our collective intelligence as the largest constituency in the nation.

To effectively give a unified response to this latest assault from the government, we would be holding a National Youth Emergency Meeting in Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan.

Find below the proposed Agenda for the meetings:

A. Introduction
B. Purpose of Meeting
C. State of the nation( National Security, Fuel subsidy removal etc)
D. Youth Response
E. Next steps
F. Closing remarks

Join us today at the emergency meeting in the following states:

Date: TODAY, Monday 2nd January 2012

Time: 1pm

Venue: Utako, Abuja

To get an invite please contact:
Martin Obono via

Date: Monday 2nd January 2012

Time: 4pm

Venue: Ikeja, Lagos

To get an invite please contact

Wale Salami via

Jasper Azutalam via

Date: Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Time: 1pm

Venue: Bauchi Ring road, Jos

To get an invite please contact

Plangret Best

Ibrahim Farouk,07037879209

To be announced soon.


Date: Monday 2nd January 2012

Time: 6pm

Venue: BCOS, Ibadan

To get an invite please contact: Oladipo


The change we seek won’t happen if we sit idle, we must stand and reclaim our government from these clueless and deceptive rulers.

This is a call for ACTION!

“Don’t expect CHANGE to be given to you, all the time. You must also bring the CHANGE!”–Musiliu (A Lagos bus conductor)

Youth Coalition Against Fuel Subsidy Removal

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  1. Bambe Mark O says:

    This is a right step in the right direction. Will love to be part of d movement. Location is AdoEkiti. Weldone comrades

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