Day Four: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011 – Prayer points.

1) Praise Him so He can force open the doors the enemy has shut against you

2) Father, please open doors unto me tonight. Doors of success, doors of progress, doors of promotion.  Open unto me Lord.

3) Father, as soon as You open these doors, let them remain open.

4) Father all the enemies pursing me, shut the doors against them permanently. Once You shut it, no one can open it.

5) All the good doors that were opened for me that have been shut, reopen them to me TONIGHT.

6) Father, as I fulfill my obligations to You, open the windows of heaven unto me.

7) For the rest of my life, let me walk through open doors. From now, let things be easy for me. I have struggled for far too long Lord.

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  1. I realy impress to read this site and i truely believe that am saved and my future is being secure since Lord Jesus is on my side. Thanks for the Grace.

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