Day Two: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011 – Prayer points.


  1. Praise and thank Him that you are not dead till this time.
  2. Father, whatever that can still be repaired, repair it tonight.
  3. Whatever is beyond repair, replace it tonight.
  4. Father, You are God of grace, I know healing can be gradual, make my own instant tonight.
  5. All my dreams that are dead, resurrect them tonight.
  6. Father every member of my family wherever they may be tonight because I am here, extend these miracles to them.
  7. Father, before the sun rises tomorrow, let my testimonies be obvious.
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7 comments on “Day Two: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2011 – Prayer points.

  1. God bless you Sir, as you taking time to give us these blessings His newness will always be felt in your life IJN amen

  2. Thanks sir, may God continue to renew your strength.
    I will appreciate Day 1 list too.

  3. I cant stop thanking the Lord all thing. Moreover for using His son n friend 2bles my life.

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