Prayer Points from the November 2011 RCCG’s Holy Ghost Service: Theme – “Weep Not”.

Friday, 4th November 2011

1. Praise Him that you are still alive till this moment.

2. Father! Arise for me no matter how many my enemies may be, scatter them all.

3. Father! Turn my sorrow to joy tonight, my weeping to laughter, my bitterness to sweetness.
4. Father! You brought water out of the rock before, Do it again for me.

5. Father! Lift me up urgently.

6. Father! Make a way for me, dismantle every road block on my path.

7. Every storm bombarding my life, still them NOW.

8. Remove every source of sorrow in my family. Don’t never let me weep again.

9. Before this year ends, let my testimonies be complete.

10. Personal prayer requests.

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