Open Heavens Devotional: ARE ALL BOYS FATHERS? Thursday 17 February 2011 #RCCG

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “After this lived Job an hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons’ sons, even four generations.” ( Job 42 :16).

READ: Judges 16 :28-30

After Job’s trial, he had a great ending. It is commonly believed by Bible scholars that he was about 70 years at the time of his trial, and thereafter, God added to him 140 more years. Not many people are so blessed to see their children’s children— the second generation—but Job saw four generations of his lineage just because he was wise and righteous. Wisdom adds to the years of the wise. On the other hand, sin and foolishness takes from the foolish. In Judges 16 :28-30 , Samson died prematurely—in his prime. His self-will and foolishness robbed him of valuable years! The difference between Job and Samson was that the former had wisdom while the latter lacked it. Wisdom prolongs life while wickedness reduces it.

At the birth of baby boy, people would say, ‘Here comes a future father’, but if it is a baby girl, they would say. ‘Here goes a future mother’. Although every baby boy is a potential father and every baby girl is a potential mother, not everyone becomes a father and mother respectively. Sometimes, some never ever realize their potential due to death from natural causes. Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, hurricane etc., that have hit different parts of the earth have killed many boys and girls and forever buried their hopes of becoming a father or mother. Are you a father or a mother? Thank God for this. It is a privilege.

Furthermore, some boys and girls are murdered ever before they achieved their dreams of parenthood. One such victim was Abel. His dream of becoming a father was terminated when his elder brother struck him dead. On the other hand, some boys or girls may choose celibacy. They may decide to become eunuchs and therefore strike out marriage from their dictionary. Hence, people like Elijah, Elisha and Paul never married and even though they were potential fathers, they could not produce a biological child. Sin and foolishness rob millions of people of the ability to realize their potentials or to reach their destiny. If you are still toying with sin, know that it is eroding your years and destiny. Wisdom will, however, promote you. Ask God to increase you in wisdom so that you may enjoy life maximally.

PRAYER POINT: Father, the wisdom that will promote my life, bestow it upon me. Seek wisdom.

Bible in One year: Josh. 13-15

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