My Lagos Daily Memoir

Mutiu Junior.........

Lagos is located in the South West of Nigeria and its one of the populous Cities in the world.  My first visit to Lagos was in the early 80’s, still young boy then. Since then I have been a visitor during my secondary school holidays but finally I have to be a part of the city after my secondary school education. I had my Bsc. Degree from Lagos State University, which gave me the opportunity of knowing Lagos more. 

Lagos Students waiting.........

However, recently I have been having a lot of “headache” because of the traffic conditions in the metropolis. There are traffic enforcement agencies around the city but the condition has never improved. The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) officials mandated to check on the excesses of the Lagos drivers have not been helping matters as they contributes a lot of bottle necks on the roads. 

From Mile 2 to Badagry, there is only one route that links this international road to Benin Republic and the neighboring countries. Because of the madness of Badagry Expressway, there are sometimes avoid taking the road; though I have alternative to through the LASU Isheri road to Iyana Ipaja. 

Traffic on Lagos road

Most of our precious times are wasted in the traffic hold-up because of the impatience of the drivers and Lagos is becoming more populated everyday because more people are looking for greener pastures here.  I am using this opportunity to appeal to Lagos State and Federal governments to find the lasting solutions to the traffic and road conditions in the city. I will try to write more on My Lagos Daily Memoir 

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