RCCG Holy Ghost Congress Hymn 2012 » SIGNS & WONDERS

Verse 1
Our time has come to hear from God
He will speak peace and joy to us
We will find mercy and favour
Because He will arise for us

God will give us signs and wonders
And we will shout Halleluyah
And we will shout Halleluyah

Verse 2
Rejoice the sick, you’ll soon be healed
Rejoice the captives, you’ll soon be free
Behold barren, your children come
God will open all barren wombs

Verse 3
Rejoice the poor, you’ll soon be rich
He became poor to make you rich
Behold singles will marry soon
The wedding bell for you will ring

Verse 4
The wind will blow on all dry bones
The blind will see, the dead will rise
The lame will walk, the deaf will hear
The dumb will shout Halleluyah

Verse 5
God will arise, scatter our foes
Anointing will soon overflow
All will confess Jesus as Lord
All knees will bow before our God

Verse 6
God will turn our captivity
Fill our homes with testimonies
Our mouth shall roar with great laughter
And all will shout Halleluyah

Verse 7
And when Jesus shall come again
To take us home with Him to reign
Nothing on earth will keep us down
And we will wear our golden crowns

Verse 8
Halleluyah will be our song
Halleluyah our victory song
Halleluyah both old and young
Halleluyah both loud and long

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